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Melbourne Football

Adelaide United vs Melbourne City: Saturday, 27th Nov - 7:45pm @ Hindmarsh Stadium


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19 hours ago, IssySG said:

Reds away always makes me nervous.

Car full of mates are making the trip down, anyone else on the forum getting across?

it is probably my favourite spot for an away trip, but sadly not going this time - got my niece's 2nd birthday party.

hopefully the front three from last week are a little more settled with each other and have had time to work on their interplay.

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All I can think about when I see Adelaide in Adelaide is... That Halloran extra time goal, that ffa cup final, Jamo red card, the game when Hendry did his knee. 

This is truly our last place/team we havnt been able to handle in last couple of seasons. Tonight that changes.... I hope

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19 minutes ago, haz said:

I'm hoping Leckie is still shaking off the spider webs after not playing for two years. He's been under whelming. 

Leckie is much better than last week, Metcalf very poor in the first half, ball control and passing not good - congested spaces isn’t his best attribute.

12 minutes ago, moops said:

Metcalf is hot or cold, very inconsistent.

He’s actually like that most games but the hot parts are usually real assist or a goal and then people easily forget.

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