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Pre-season 2021/22


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1 hour ago, Harrison said:

First friendly of the pre-season. Beat Western United 2-1. Read more below.


Always good to start with a win!

Worth noting that some things never change, which will aid to our consistently and stability 😊.

“and found Florin Berenguer alone in the box, but unfortunately, the Frenchman couldn't find the target”

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7 hours ago, jw1739 said:

Video up on the club website. WU scored because we gave the ball away; someone (I can't see who) trying to hold the ball when he should have passed it. Both our goals scrappy.

By the looks of it I think it was Gomulka who gave the ball away, Scrappy goals are the best part of pre season. 

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11 hours ago, Nate said:

that Western United defending for the Maclaren goal though 😂

What sort of team did they put out anyway? Our "pre-season" is so long that it's almost a season in itself, and I don't think a lot can be learned from an early match like this.

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