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Melbourne Football

Grand final 2021, Sunday 27th June, AAMI Park, 5.05 pm


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2 hours ago, kingofhearts said:

Does anybody know nabbouts/noones status? Safe the assume they're both out?

I haven't listened yet, but Nabbout is the guest on the ABC Football Podcast with Daniel Garb and Robbie Cornthwaite. I doubt he would be getting rolled out in media this week if he wasn't playing. Noone I don't think anyone has any idea. 

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19 minutes ago, mattyh001 said:

Sorry, forgot I have digital access. 

Says we have 15,000 capacity 

TBF, under the circumstances, that's a good outcome. The A-League and City websites don't confirm day and time yet, but when they do I will lock the "off-pitch " thread.

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6 minutes ago, xXCiTyZeNXx said:

Reason y Maclaren and Good cant play if they been back for a week?

Not being negative but big ask for our youth players in attack compared to LaFondra, Bobo and Kosta 

It’s 2 week mandatory quarantine 

they are missing 3 defenders so pretty fair contest IMO

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1 hour ago, Nate said:

Will members get a priority window for purchasing tickets?

The APL is working hard to get tickets on sale as soon as possible. They will be available at Ticketek and we’ll communicate on sale times as soon as they are confirmed. 


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Just repeating the above:

The news you’ve been waiting for is here – tickets to our Home Grand Final go on sale at 5:30pm today!

Your exclusive Member pre-sale window is from 5:30pm – 8pm this evening, after which ticket will go on sale to the General Public.

City Members will need to use their Ticketek redemption codes – the same you have used all season – to unlock tickets during the pre-sale window.

Members can purchase up to two (2) tickets per code and are eligible for a 10% discount.

Tickets are extremely limited, so get in early to avoid disappointment.

The codes are on the email that you have received or will receive shortly.

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oh wow Ticketek. Bought our fam's tickets along with another fam's (members) to sit with us. Found our original seats but by the time I entered all the phone numbers, it timed me out and i lost them. Whole section disappeared in those minutes.

Now sitting in a different area. Not sure to be pissed or just thankful we're going!

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