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42 minutes ago, thisphantomfortress said:

Gunna take a bit to get it back to where it once was under YS and early Melburnians. Trumpet is a good differentiator, just wish they'd slow their chant down a bit.


Agree with this and thought the same last night. Sounded like they introduced a few new chants? I'm the interest of improving I think a couple of points that would help:


Slow the chants down

Turn the megaphone down. I'm on the west side of the stadium and it was bloody loud so much so that it was clearly heard through the mics on tv.



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3 hours ago, bt50 said:

Theyre doing a great job in pretty tough circumstances tbh.
Def agree that Victory chants need to get in the bin outside of derbies though. Thats the definition of rent-free in your head.

As a non-active" supporter but sitting at the Southern End (how I wish we could officially name at least this end to represent our club) I agree that Active is doing a bloody good job under very difficult circumstances.

My humble opinion - chants etc should be positive rather than negative, cut out the naked obscenities, and yes, slow down a bit. I still don't know what some of the chants actually are.

This season is a holding pattern in many ways, so maybe next season we can revitalise City support , at least at the Southern End.

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2 hours ago, citypool said:

As I’ve said before if active can go back to chanting about the players instead of the opposition people will be more into it 

Yep, calling Jamie Young a sex offender is very silly, and to do repeatedly just looks immature. 

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