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Should we clinch the title .........


Should we clinch the title ....  

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  1. 1. Where and against whom would you like to see use clinch the title?

    • Central Coast at home on Saturday May 22 (presented at the end of the game)
    • Brisbane Roar away on Tuesday May 25th (presented to our fans at the start of the Newcastle game)
    • Newcastle at home Saturday May 29 (presented at the end of the game)
    • the Tards away Saturday June 5th (presented at the end of the game in front of our away bay & those bastards as well as our home semi)

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30 minutes ago, neio said:

After 11 years of nothing, I don't care if we clinch the title at 4am on a Wednesday in Uzbekistan. 

As long as we finish the season on top, Im not too picky about where and when it happens 


One thing I would like to see is the team, or some of the players, come down to the Southern End after each match, whatever the result, and acknowledge us. IMO that would go a long way with the fans.

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ASAP. In front of Victory would be great in theory, but honestly, you wouldn't be shitting yourself if we'd squandered three opportunities to clinch the Plate and it got to the last possible chance? Not even close to being worth it.

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A quick look at the numbers, I think if Brisbane and Adelaide draw tinight, then we can still win the league against CCM on Saturday (or am I missing something?).

From what I can see, if that game is a draw, then the only team that can finish higher than 47 points will be CCM themselves (48 points). A win against them takes us to 48, whilst their max points drops to 45.

Edit: An adelaide win also means we can win title on Saturday against CCM.

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1 minute ago, Baka1 said:

We beat Mariners, we lift the plate. It’s simple

That’s why there should be a big crowd at AAMI this Saturday night. Literally no excuses not to go should be aiming for 10K. 

club could do a promotional rally to the fans to pack out aami park 

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