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Melbourne Football

Round 9 City v Roar 5pm Sunday


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Brisbane were good during the week, very composed performance. Suprised a lot of people considering the big blow to Broich.

Really can't see JVS surviving this one if it's not a win. The sharks are circling.

I see this match as the turning point for the season - for van 't Schip, for players coming out of contract, for attendances, and maybe for other management personnel at HQ.


IMO anything but three points will be season over for us, with only dramatic changes in the form of a number of teams (including us) giving us a remote chance to scrape into 5th or 6th place.


Just adding to this...tonight's results see the league splitting into two groups. The top five running away from the bottom five. I don't recall seeing before such a dramatic split in the table just one-third of the way through the season.


Tomorrow's match will tell us whether City have the desire to try and bridge that gap, whether van 't Schip has any ideas left, and whether the players have any fighting spirit left in them. It's going to say a lot about the club and what it stands for.

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I would have preferred gradual changes at the back over the last few weeks rather than steady as she goes followed by wholesale changes. Hopefully the players will have an understanding of each other's game.

Agreed. Just another example that JvS has completely lost the plot. What he's doing doesn't make sense to anyone - which was one of the points in the Davutovic article.

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