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Egyptian ultras and politics


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Been pretty busy so I have not really had a chance to watch/read the news about this but this is a quote from one of the managers.

"From the beginning of the game, the fans of the opposing team were allowed to fire rockets and stones at us without any intervention. In the end, it turned into a state of madness without any role for the security in the stands. We tried to save the lives of some of the fans, but many died before our eyes."

Sounds absolutely horrible.



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It's hard to gauge what exactly caused and/or exacerbated it. It's very much a blame game in the media at the moment - some blaming al alhy ultras, theres others blaming only security etc

Don't think anyone is blaming the Al Ahly ultras really. It was the El Masry fans who attacked the ultras Ahlawy. Apparently, it was a planned riot by supporters of Mubarak with the help of cops/security as Ultras Ahlawy were heavily in the Egypt revolution.
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in some media outlets, a team (i believe it was al alhy) was 'alleged' to have raised some form of tifo insulting the city.

this however may very well be all part of the finger pointing at different sides that seems to be going on. it is going to take a while for the truth to come out but you're probably not wrong with what you've said there emu

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"They came at us with machetes and knives... they threw some of us from the fourth floor,"

"Everyone was beating us. They were beating us from inside and outside, with fireworks, stones, metal bars, and some had knives,"

far out, really do feel for the al alhy fans who were injured or killed.

i find it f*cking ridiculous that the security did not intervene in this.

but in saying that, (correct me if im wrong) but a lot of the violence was also instigated by the Egyptian's hate towards certain security forces that were blamed for much of the abuse under Mubarak.

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