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Deep Down The Ranks Of European Football

Young Polak

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Thought I would make a thread, which I don't really expect to be a big one, to look at some clubs (small, tiny) that are around 3 tiers or below in their country's leagues where there are no, or barely any media coverage of their progress (globally) and to share pics of some passionate fans representing their local, small clubs. This can also involve a bit of stadium porn, sticker design, pyro displays and more.

TBH this is my type of scene I wish to experience, with small clubs and fanatic supporters

I'll start with some Polish clubs

Dynovia Dynow:






Olimpia Elbląg:





Elana Toruń:


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love this thread! 


quick question... where you collecting these stickers from?



This is some of the ground hopping i was lucky enough to do in the lower leagues of Italy. 





Como Calcio





Stadio Romeo Menti (Vicenza Calcio)







(One i posted earlier) 


Stadio Nicola Ceravolo (U.S. Catanzaro Calcio)





Pescara Calcio


Stadio Adriatico









seriously can not pick my favourite! 

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those are just stickers I just found on the internet along with the fan photos, the ones I'm collecting should arrive in the mail anytime soon, got stickers from 6 clubs with roughly 6-7 stickers per club


true....  :up:



Lamezia Terme 


This bunch goes off...









Calabria represent!  :up:

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Nicotera, where is your family from?

I'm sure my old man has mentioned that as a surname before!!



Well, i guess you're asking about my family from the South?


My father's father was born in Ievoli which is pretty much in between the main towns of Lamezia Terme and Catanzaro. (in Calabria) 


My father's mum on the other hand was born in San Michele, a five minute drive from Ievoli but more towards Catanzaro. (in Calabria) 


other than that, my mum's side is from Rome and Vicenza... 



us Nicotera's get around  ;)

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League 1 England, Leyton Orient my uncle has his name on a brick on the stadium! They are currently 1st in the league and were the second last league team to be defeated in England this season! some may remember they had a cup tie with arsenal a few year back in the round of 16 FA Cup proper, they also have units  around the stadium.




Loving their away kit this season as well!

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