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  1. As a Sydney fan I disagree - the Melbourne derby has far more passion at the moment because it has some history. According to all at SFS on Saturday it was a great atmosphere, but when I speak to my SFC friends the general vibe is still that the whole thing feels quite forced. Sure we play along, but the feeling isn't there yet. Although if the RBB continues to insist on marching past our pub to start shit then it is sure to grow.
  2. Everyone takes a swipe at us about 'bling' when it's convenient. Happy to have the tag, although it would be much nicer if we weren't holding up the table right now. At least it's helping me to develop a more measured perspective about football.
  3. The only thing working for them here is the fact that ADP hasn't had the misfortune of going to Gosford yet.
  4. http://www.smh.com.au/sport/sportsday-live-thursday-december-13-2012-20121213-2bav9.html Note item at 11:11am. Apparently ATO "moving to wind up" Newcastle Jets.
  5. The FFA are worried about appearances all of a sudden?!?! Works for me though, and I am pretty sure Posh wouldn't want to live in Perth, Brisbane or Adelaide.
  6. http://www.lagalaxy.com/news/2012/11/david-beckham-play-his-final-game-la-galaxy-mls-cup-2012 So with Beckham leaving Galaxy to "experience one last challenge before the end of my playing career" the clubs in Aus who are chasing him must have had their confidence bolstered a little. If he comes to Australia I think it will be either WSW or you folk. I hope it's Heart.
  7. There are a large number of places you would go before Parramatta if Asian fare was what you needed BUT when in Parramatta, Temasek is your friend. Funnily enough the two other places I would have suggested work with your Camp Granada gag - Eastwood and Chatswood!
  8. Temasek. http://www.urbanspoon.com/r/70/752196/restaurant/Sydney/Temasek-Parramatta
  9. To gather all the douchebags in one place and give the rest of us some peace.
  10. Sorry, I genuinely did not mean to cause offence. I will try to explain (hopefully more eloquently but think I will struggle!) why I don't feel a great rivalry with them yet. I know in Melbourne a sporting culture of intra-city rivalry is well ingrained but that's not the sporting culture I grew up with. As a young lass my most hated sporting team was the Canterbury Bulldogs because, as a Parramatta Eels fan in the 80s, my team played them in a number of grand finals and developed a "history" with them. A lot of older Parramatta fans feel the same about Manly because of the 1970s. It's been my personal experience growing up following sport in Sydney that what develops a rivalry in Sydney is a series of events, not a geographical boundary. Others might not agree but that's how I feel about it. As a result of this in season 1 of the a-league I felt no great rivalry for any team. Then we played CCM in the Grand Final. That became a rivalry which grew over a few seasons for me after I got capsicum sprayed at Bluetongue, after the epic 5-4 win which saw me sustain bruises to my legs so severe I couldn't walk the next day and after getting sick of dealing with their bogan fans. I didn't hate Victory until observing their fans beat up female friends of mine and just cause a whole load of unnecessary shit over an extended period of time. Oh and the Kevin Muscat factor. That never helped. So what I guess I am saying is the main reason I feel nothing more than curiosity about WSW is because they haven't given me a reason to hate them yet. Just being in my city isn't enough for me personally. I grew up in Western Sydney and, had they introduced a Western Sydney team from season 1, there is every chance I would have been a Wanderers fan. I feel like this rivalry is being hyped at the moment and my personal feeling is not there - hence why I called it a "manufactured" rivalry. I am certainly looking forward to the game and am happy to have two sides playing the highest level of football in my city but I don't feel about it the way I do about playing Victory or CCM. YET. I welcome the organic development of a strong rivalry though. On the arrogance front I am not sure what part of my feeling would indicate any arrogance - I certainly don't question the legitimacy of WSW or their right to exist in "my city" like so many Victory supporters seem to do with Heart. On form they are doing better than my team at the moment and they have done well in attracting members. I don't see them as insignificant and I don't think there is anything about my club that makes us inherently better than them. In summary, please don't banish me to MV.net, show some humanity! *Apologies for the essay, I am home sick and really should not be trusted with a computer and a football forum.
  11. No pissing contest necessary. Was just curious about the seemingly different approaches and being a little bit cheeky! The design of Parramatta Stadium might make it a bit easier to keep groups in. It is hard enough to get out of there when it is a large crowd and they aren't trying to keep you in the stands, let alone when they are. Have zero knowledge of our plans in this regard but my assumption would be a home derby would be the place we would do larger than normal Tifo for the "derby". Also reasonably confident ADP's home debut was considered more important. I could most definitely be wrong about this though too but the feeling around ADP's first home game was pretty special. My own feeling about this weeks "derby" is more curiosity than anything else and I know many other SFC fans feel the same. You can't manufacture a rivalry - I am sure WSW hates us more than we hate them. We have years of rivalry with other clubs, what do they have? The enemy on the other side of Homebush! I appreciate the "potential" for there to be a great rivalry here, just don't think it is a reality yet. It might be by Sunday though!
  12. Clearly not well 'ard enough then! Once they herded us into the ground level courtyard area of a function room for a "free BBQ". Only thing separating courtyard from the outside concourse was a 1.5m high glass barrier. On the other side - a large number of the dirty scums less desirable members. That was when we discovered how much the bastards love to throw coins. Good work VicPol!
  13. Do you guys not get held back when you are the away team at Etihad? When SFC plays at Etihad we always get held in the stadium for 30 minutes after and a police escort to a point far enough away from the stadium that the cops deem us to be "safe". Only thing that seems odd to me about the approach for Saturday night is that the RBB is being held, not The Cove. Makes it clear where they are expecting the trouble to come from.
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