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  1. Going to straight out ask what everyone's opinions of Vidmar are? also; I'll fix what I said about the future of soccer being bleak. The entire campaign dissapointed me because I was expecting so much more from a talented young squad. does anyone have any reasons for why results like this might of happened (excluding vidmar) because I've seriously been out of a loop due to studies and would like opinions/answers/ideas.
  2. I'm not sure if i should be disappointed or frustrated after watching that. Looks like the future of Australian football might be bleak...
  3. Still 0-0. It doesn't surprise me though. Does this mean they'll finish the campaign without having scored? Or am I behind on my tally?
  4. Hopeful way to build up hype? I doubt they've signed anyone. End of season could be either extremely soon or end of the finals period of we progress that far.
  5. A flash mob and/or viral marketing which has a little to do with the club but not too much. Let it get around first and then slap the clubs name onto the back of it. A perfect example of this would be: quicksilver ended up putting their name at the end of it once it had enough media coverage & I'm sure wecould come up with something wayyyy better.
  6. pip


    i'll be the first to admit that it's funny in some sense but that person is not retarded - it's mentally/physically challenged. retarded means to be held back. either way i'll say it first, kent
  7. Eh, maybe i worded that wrong . Singapore has a geographical stake within it's country. I'm sure the Vatican city is grand but still don't see a needfor a capital.
  8. I'm claiming that Vatican City is so small that many geographers, almanacs, altases etc do not list a capital for it (although for some reason in heaps of history books it's plastered as Vatican City being the capital). For one i personally believe that it should be it's own country as it has it's own government system, passport requirements, internationally recognized boarders etc etc. Insaying all this, that's the reason I find the 'capital' of Vatican City pointless. I don't feel the geographical area is entirely in need of one unless it becomes it's own country. Speaking of Singapore though no I don't believe that's pointless. Singapore is actually a really beautiful city. how about next time you read what i'm replying to instead of just assuming things.
  9. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1CZyLiBxaQE
  10. pip


    so it could possibly work if there was enough interest - another reason I think it works so well for them is because it's done in native tongue. nothing against things being translated/re-interpreted but they seem to lose their feel/appeal when done so.
  11. Back of topic fellas. Should be an easy 3 points. not holding my breath though. If we don't win this I'll punch a baby.
  12. RBF FTW! They never cease to put on a great show. This thread will be made of win providing no one posts Devo or Culture Club.
  13. Hit edit on your post and re c&p the url links i'm assuming you had in there to post a video. I'm totally curious. Any way: Total guilty pleasure. Felt fitting.
  14. Vatican City. As for people talking about having a tiered system; there's a plethora of reason it wouldn't work - funding, promotion, space, population, demographics etc. I think Sydney would do ace personally.
  15. You two seem to have it all sorted out and pat down! I wish I could get away with stuff like that, sadly I'm required to buy text books of which I usually have to fill out/use for an exam and I'm assessed on most things that get covered in lectures. I tried the whole not going to one's that were recorded but it didn't work out to well. Anyway; back on topic: TTDIM: Seeing/meeting up with people you use to go to high school with and realizing that they've screwed their lives up. yes i may have been a loser but at least my life is on track *ultra smug!*
  16. No problemo! Always happy to help, I'm a bit of a research freak so I found some more stuff for you. Again not sure if it's relevant but I figure the more you have to throw into this paper/essay/assignment the better! Here, http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=W-iRLmaZf4A, here (this one is particularly interesting) & here (fifa related!).
  17. Hopefully these links/videos work. They're a bit old but eh, could help? edit: It might be smart to focus on European football (as this kind of stuff happens there more than anywhere else). I've seen in your OP that you mentioned the A-League which could make things harder but here's something.
  18. Coming from a Chelsea fan who has a soft spot for West Ham - no, you do not want Torres. Fuck i mean i'd help put in funds to see him dropped from Chelsea if it were possible.
  19. WHAT? NO WAY! The other day I had a 1.5 hour lecture run for 12 minutes. 6 of which were just a load of slide show pictures. I'm paying for a damn education so I expect lectures to at least run for some amount of time to what they're designated otherwise what's the point in going?
  20. Would love to see Redknapp come over to Chelsea but eh - one can only dream.
  21. pip

    KONY 2012

    Verwy verwy makes me think of Elmer Fudd Another clue perhaps for the not so bright?
  22. pip

    KONY 2012

    While I agree that a Tifo of this mightn't work because of the personalities around and how everyone wants to keep things 100% football, good on you for trying! People need to be more aware of what's happening in this world and not so close minded. In saying all this I've missed a fair bit due to studies. What is the next tifo going to be or is it all top secret
  23. Worst theatrical display I've seen within politics (and in general) for a while. Tbh; I kind of feels sorry for Gillard (yes throw the hate towards me) she was pushed in and promoted and all that other nonsense in the wrong place at the wrong time. Would people take her more seriously had she of been brought in via election? Just curious to see what people think as I've heard from a few that they would..
  24. Excellent result yes. Non excellent game. They performed well for like 7 minutes and then did a half arse job the rest of the game. I paid to see two international teams play against each other not a re-play of a VPL final.
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