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  1. Kaluderovic, who can be fitted under the salary cap, works hard on the pitch and in my opinion would do a better job for us than our "marquee" lol striker Kennedy. But obviously John Aloisi has worked out that Kaluderovic is not good enough for the A League.
  2. Brisbane Roar are now enjoying Aloisi's outstanding recruiting and squad Management. Serbian strike Kaluderovic who wanted to stay and scored 7 goals in 16 games has been released. Clearly that sort of performance is not as good as a Mifsud or David Williams. In addition, a slow, over the hill Steffanuto has been given a new contract.
  3. Aloisi recruited him, so how about Aloisi take him to Brisbane Roar!
  4. Well yeah, but from his point of view why would he walk out the door with nothing. He has a contract. The next problem is who on earth would take him off our hands? This is where CFG should start flexing their muscle and use their contacts to convince him to move elsewhere perhaps Mexico or something as far away as possible from Melbourne City What's wrong with Manchester City taking Redmayne off our hands, honouring his contract and loaning him out to a Conference team?
  5. Maybe JA can take across to Roar some of the spuds he signed for us or extended contracts for us. By the way, rumour has it that Mifsud is ready and willing to play for Roar!
  6. There's been suggestions that if Victory lose Mark Milligan they will go for Aaron Mooy as their Australian marquee. Looks like we could be stuffed - Mooy heads overseas or gets a big offer from Victory.
  7. Just look how hard Duff worked on the pitch and compare with our Australian "marquee" Kennedy.
  8. I concur! Hedaick the only right and noble thing for you to do is step down! Making a lighthearted joke about someone's opinions is bullying and we can not stand for that. Where is elieanid we need a sick hashtag for this campaign Thisphantomfortress, are you going to tell me you'd be laughing at a "light hearted joke" when one poster after another makes the same "light hearted joke" for you to enjoy?
  9. As a Moderator Hedaick when you posted "Bets on a salary cap post, Parrot is well overdue," that was very poor form by you. Not only is it off topic but you are encouraging a mild form of online bullying where one poster after another makes an off topic post that is hardly friendly about the same Forum member. I expected better from Moderators.
  10. How'd that go for you? Not my fault JVS ruined him like he ruins everyone else. fwiw, read the first few pages of the thread, everyone was frothing over him and I said I'd rather Engelaar. What about players like Mooy and Melling? That's ridiculous blaming JVS because Koren, basically just an ageing Championship player, was unable to dominate the A League. City Group badly underestimated the A League.
  11. Surely we're not going to have another season from someone who doesn't deserve a starting 11 position on form, let alone be our overseas marquee when we have much better quality players from the entire football world to choose from. Surely we should have announced by now that Robert Koren wishes to return to England, so the club has released him from the final year of his contract.
  12. To keep him match fit for Socceroos games.
  13. His best impact this season has been off the bench, which appears to be not what he wants. At his age Archie could potentially lose form very quickly. He also had a full knee reconstruction in 2010, so there is most likely an above average chance of a major injury again. In addition he probably won't come cheap.
  14. The Wanderers were able to move on contracted players, so we should be able to get rid of all the contracted players we want who have badly underperformed for us, or who have shown they are just not up to the standard needed. We desperately need decent depth in our squad.
  15. Agree. But it's an award that is just based on players' votes at just 3 specific times in the year. Votes are being made on games that haven't even been seen by the players!! Much prefer if FFA held a proper count like the Brownlow - and let the field referee and the two assistants between themselves decide on a 3-2-1 for each game.
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