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  1. This game is arguably the biggest test for the club since the 1st derby, and making the finals could very well depend upon the result. There is already an expectation that we will win and each time this has happened we have been flat and dropped points. It is also an early kick-off and for some crazy reason in the past we have struggled with early games, although we bucked that trend two weeks ago against CCM. I predict the boys will come through with flying colours, score first, and then smash Wellington 3 nil.
  2. it would be hard to convince one of the Saudi's to join. They get paid a fortune at home by the club's oil rich owners and are treated like rock stars...
  3. FFA acted correctly. Palmer had to go. With his "I can do whatever the f#$% i want" egomanic attitude, he personalised issues and started a war with the executives of the FFA and was deliberatley sabotaging the league and the game. There was no telling how much damage he would have wreaked over the last few weeks of the season if the FFA waited till seasons end to make their decision. The FFA would not have revoked his licence without sound legal advice and they will not fear him in court. Given Clive's ego and the possibility that he will lose at court due to his unquestionable breaches of licence, I have my doubts that he will challenge. To those who think he has raised some sound points about the state of the game, this may be the case, but it doesnt matter because it is impossible to deal with someone like him. He is a bully and he will always he think he is right and that he knows better than everyone else. With regards to the clubs and their owners, issues should always be raised proffesionally in an environment of respect and partnership. It is terrible for the A-League, the people of the Gold Coast and their players. I compare this situation with the stricken Italian Cruise Liner that crashed into the shore in Europe a little while back - Palmer is the captain (a know it all who is unprepared to take responsibilty for his actions), the players are the crew (a bunch of guys who run ths ship and did their best but were ultimately ruined by the actions of their leader) and the fans are the passangers (who just picked the wrong cruise). The A-league is like the cruise industry ... ultimately tarnished by this whole mess... back to business though...we should go after Thwaite
  4. http://au.fourfourtwo.com/news/233098,ffa-strip-palmer-of-gold-coast-united.aspx
  5. An imposing, experienced Centre Back, 24-29 yrs of age who can calmly and consistently distribute the ball effectively and continue to teach Hamill and Good, AND who can score at set pieces... This type of player should be a top priority for the new Manager. Such a player could be found in Seria B or in Budesliga 2. In terms of experience, look at the value defensively of Colossimo, even though he lacks a little bit when compared to Madaschi. Nothing against Simon, however, if the club could secure a new CB, then he would be the back-up to that player, whilst you would continue to develop and rotate Hamill and Good (or play them both, depending on the team set-up). Does anyone know how the club has tradionally scouted its players, including overseas?
  6. i bet you have lots of firends...
  7. dont get me wrong Braveheart, I love what you guys do....it was just that the sha la la during the first half wasnt doing you guys the justice you deserve ... and this was the feedback from the folks around me
  8. www.youtube.com/watch?v=ZooYDKIDOaQ ...love the march, make it work lads http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ZooYDKIDOaQ
  9. neither of those ... they are awesome! it was the one sang about half way through the first half.... maybe it will sound better in two weeks time... everyone was a bit grumpy due to the heat and the ref!
  10. To the Star Wars / Imperial March (the Darth Vader) tune: Mel - Bourne - Heart Da da dah, Da da dah! Mel - Bourne - Heart da da dah, da da dah!
  11. What an emotionally draining win...!! Fantastic to beat the CCM as prior to this game the pricks always seemed to have our measure. Another turning point for the season... The ref was a disgrace and Fred was immense! He ran harder than anyone on the pitch, especially in the first half when the heat was on. Great job Aziz, and agree with Tesla, we should switch him to the right for a period and let him cut in and create havoc... To the Yarraside, 4 things: 1 - Great job / great effort once gain and the papers looked fantastic when we scored 2 - Caution! paper is flammable and I wouldnt want piles of it packed around my feet, in a crowd, with lots of heat and flares going off.... 3 - Please reconsider the sha la la la la chant ... it doesnt really work and sounds pretty lame 4 - I will be posting a new chant suggestion based on the Darth Vader tune in the chants section
  12. Tobias Feisthammel from Alemannia Aachen in the Budesliga 2. He is 24, plays Centre back (wears number 5) and is out of contract mid year. He is also a goal scorer at set pieces (see vid link). This guy would dominate the league... http://www.transferm...eler_40669.html http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Lm5atHfw84I
  13. If Behich and Dugandzic are fully fit and fresh from their travels I would start them both.....logic dictates that they may not be and Behich is an awesome player and has shown to be very effective on the wing late in the game....
  14. I hope JVS starts and plays Williams. IMO (with fingers crossed) he is not far away from coming into form and once this happens he has the potential to be lethal during finals (if we make it...again fingers crossed). I just got through wacthing the replay of the Gold Coast game and he was involved in pretty much every one of our scoring oppurtunities, inlcuding the goal. On that game, I think it was actually the perfect tonic for our team as Gold Coast were well organised, had a good game plan, were dangerous on the break, most of their players were playing under their regular coach, AND were they were really difficult to break down. Although the game was nothing to write home about the 1-0 win was a really good result as it could have so easily been a draw or even a loss (think back to Brisbane's draw when MV parked the bus). Back on Williams, I hope that JVS tinkers with our structure a little so that Williams and Babalj can form an eventual and ongoing partnership up front. As such, my starting 11 would be: -----------------------------Bolton------------------------------- Goodwin-----Hamill----------Colossimo---------Marrone ---------------------------- Shroj------------------------------ -----------Germano-------------------------Dugandzic----- ------------------------------Fred------------------------------- --------------------Williams-----Babalj-------------------------- Bench - Thompson, Behich and Good, with Thompson (impact sub) to come on for Dugandzic, with the team to revert to normal formation (Williams to drop into RW), Germano for Behich (impact sub) and Good as defensive cover or as a sub for Shroj if he gets tired. ALSO, well done to Yarraside for their chanting efforts during the second half of the Gold Coast game. At the ground it was very impressive, and on the TV it came through loud and clear. You guys 100% helped the team win that night...keep it up against the Mariners, we just gotta chalk up a win against them!
  15. Crystal balling .... will the Melbourne Heart youth policy pay off?? Today, Ange Postecoglou announced his final 23 man squad for the the 2018 FIFA World Cup, to be played in Russia. Goal keepers: Micth Langerak (30), Adam Federici (33), Matt Ryan (26) Defenders: Matt Jurman (29), Mathew Spiranovic (30), Rhys Williams (Captain) (30), Michael Zullo (30), Brendan Hamill (26), Craig Goodwin (26), Michael Marrone (31) Midfielders: Mustafa Amini (25), Tomas Rogic (26), James Troisi (31), Neil Kilkenny (33), Mate Dugandzic (29), Dario Vidosci (31), Oliver Bozanic (29), Aziz Behich (28) Strikers: Nathan Burns (30), Matthew Leckie (27), Eli Babalj (26), Karem Bulut (26) The likely starting line up for the team's first match is: ---------------------Langerak----------------------- Goodwin-----Hamill-----Spiranovic----Marrone ------------------Rhys Williams ©---------------- ------------Troisi---------------Rogic--------------- Oar-------------------------------------------Burns ---------------------Leckie--------------------------
  16. I have said it before ... we should have someone looking at Bundesliga second division and aim for a consistent player, maybe 24 - 28 who has a few German youth caps and who's career may have stagnated a little. The quality of the German league is high, the players are physically capable, and a player with the right quality has every chance of coming to the A-league and starring, and then moving into Asia for some big dollars. A player i have started watching, and who is out of contract at the end of the German season is Tobias Feisthammel from Alemannia Aachen.
  17. Regardless, how is this not good news?? He is a quality player, integral to our first team and generally very consistant and also versatile. If he does go, now he is under contract the club will earn good money for him. And by the way, I hope he is getting a good wage, he deserves it.
  18. He did look a little proppy as he came off and he kept the groin iced till just before half time.... but he was all smiles (as usual). My thoughts are that he still did not look 100%
  19. What to do after such a game?? Be grateful it wasn't 6 nil ! Positives - the Heart normally bounce back after a shocker... Negatives - complete loss of composure after conceding, guys trying too hard without any patience or creativity and a genuine lack of leadership (i.e. someone taking command on feild and re-settling and recomposing the team...) Excuses - the obvious missing players and the late Sarkies injury - if JVS knew earlier I think he would have gone with a different set up, maybe a 4-4-2 too much was asked of Reid in his second game and inexperience. Keep the faith people, we are still in good shape with plenty to play for - this comp is all about momentum and hopefully on Friday night ours will swing the right way
  20. I watched a replay of the Derby and when Shroj got his yellow card the commentator said it was his fourth of the season
  21. Its a no brainer that our international spots are very important and the value of our current signings need to be carefully considered. I would like us to target a foreign Centre Back; maybe somebody from the 2 division of the Budesliga who is a consistant performer, but is struggling to get a break in the 1st division. The lure of being a potential star in an up and coming league, and then the carrot of going into Asia for big money should enable MH to attract players of good calibre (i.e. Thomas Broich). Watched same games recently and the standard / speed / gameplay and tactics are quite impressive. Some players that are out of contract soon that may be good for the team inlcude: Dennis Kempe - http://www.transfermarkt.co.uk/en/kempe/profil/spieler_31215.html Tobias Feisthammel - http://www.transfermarkt.co.uk/en/feisthammel/profil/spieler_40669.html Hopefully John Aloisi reads this forum and he can arrange some scouting reports! I think Seria B could also be a happy hunting ground for Centre Backs (Madaschi)
  22. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=MfBBXeu2Py0 here is the link to the tune...doh ! and Ando, I reckon there would be a handful of Manowar songs that could be used for awesome chants ...just depends on whether the Yarraside folk can take a bit of metal
  23. I did not say that our sole focus should be on Youth. I actually said that Hearts emphasis should be on Youth Development and attractive football, and I should have also added winning and being successful (I agree with you there). As well as youth, the clubs needs a good proportion of experienced players. Earlier in the year, the mix was just about right at the Heart (although injuries have caused some issues and thrown out the mix - I would suggest that if we could have kept our experienced players, especially Madaschi and Fred, we may be sitting close to the top right now. In terms of young players, with the huge number kids playing soccer in this country, and the number of exciting young kids who are starting to come through due to better all-round youth development, Australia is going to be a gold mine for future talent. These kids are so much better than the majority of journeymen who came into the A-league when it first kicked off, as well as those who continue to come back from failed excusions overseas. With the European markets drying up significantly and more worldwide money coming into Asia AND with the continuing opportunity for A-League players to play for Australia (look at the Olyroo squad and the debate around that) the young players will be a core part of the any team that chases long term success in Australia. That being said, clubs do need to hold onto these players until they become so valuable that the only option is to sell them. Crystal balling, in three or four year times, after winning the title and having some success in Asia, I wouldn't be too upset if Socceroos Mate, Babalj or Behich went off to Italy or the EPL...and when this happens we will have ready made players to step in and fill the breech, or we can purchase those more experienced players with the transfer fees, and so the cycle continues on and on.... hats off to you for going to the Youth games.... I have been meaning to get to a few of those...
  24. I have faith that the club will take their time and bring in another tactically astute Manager from either the Netherlands or maybe Germany, with a strong emphasis on youth development and attractive football. Someone who is, or was a proven Youth Team Manager with a track record of learning from the best, and nurturing and developing future stars, AND who is ready to step up to the senior level. This will allow the current second string managers to keep learning and developing until they get their chance, which may come after the next manager's term. Even considering JVS's salary, this is the best we can hope for in terms of continuing to build and develop the club. We should (unless it is a no brainer) steer clear of EPL / Scottish type managers as only the ones with no potential would consider coming to the A-league (although Grayson did a great job for the most part at Leeds). Can anyone produce a list of current Youth Team coaches (and their successes) from say The Netherlands, Germany and Spain? (maybe from the latest version of Football Manager, which I don't have) I imagine that JVS will assist in this recruiting process and in terms of the club's business experience and overall vision, Heart are well placed to undertake a thorough and astute process to find and employ a new manager who will be successful.
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