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  1. They can warm up together on the sidelines
  2. Does anyone know his total minutes in the regular season games?
  3. I think our service to him hasnt been as good this year ... too many crazy attacks, not enough classy build up
  4. whatever happens, it will be a tense watch
  5. First half went too fast, 2nd half was a nightmare to watch. I had to leave my seat twice as I literally couldn't watch some nux free kicks ... my stress levels wouldn't allow for it ... and if we conceded, I'd probably have jumped the fence and decked Glover ... and got arrested Anyway, very happy to win the plate. It's a significant achievement and despite the pain of how we got there, we got the points and finished on top Ufuk coaches better than PK. His tactics almost worked ... sit back in the 1st half, try and absorb pressure and then attack in the 2nd half with fresh legs and an extra attacker up front. We only just won this against an undermanned Nux. Jamo was very relieved at the end, and I guarantee you, the tards in attendance did spook them a bit. He gestured towards the tards to basically say our supporters are better, when he celebrated with our Active But in all seriousness, our club makes dumb choices... the free tickets were always gonna get taken up by the scum ... yes, it made for some atmosphere, but it could have cost us ....and we'd have never lived that down But fuck them soulless turds ... at least they know they made a wasted effort, saw their dog team lose the plate, and also live with the fact that they were chanting "Phoenix!" I swear they were trying everything to put off the boys, including throwing food on the pitch for the Gulls Without Flo and O'Neil, and with PKs approach, we are unlikely to with the GF ... but ya never know. Premieres plate ultimately will over time be recognised as the better trophy, so once again, fuck you Vuktree scum
  6. Watch the tard fuckheads come along and go for the nux
  7. Fuck Victory they're a bunch of dogs
  8. Ok, I am still pissed off after last night ... Hindsight can be a wonderful thing, but i do think that PK's approach was fraught with danger, and he took a big risk with his game plan. So, his plan was to go with our strongest team, against a team of young kids and attack them vigorously early (helter skelter). Now the risk with this was that our strongest team was going to run out of legs pretty quickly after an intense workload in Asia and a long plane flight, and we would be susceptible to the counter attack, and tiring badly. Their 1st goal was born of some poor defending by Jamison and it was a 1 in 100 shot. So then we had to chase, and had zero luck (a lot our own doing) ... JMac hitting both posts, Reddy making a blinder of a save ... but again, no legs and no luck and bunch of kids playing the game of their careers against us. Glover's fuck up was expected, unfortunately Good who was out in his feet at the end now misses our most important match of the season thus far. A different coach, knowing that a draw would still be a good result, would have maybe played some of our younger, less fatigued players, and set up not to concede, especially as we were basically playing a youth side. Our class would have always made chances for us and we would have been less at risk of copping a sucker punch. Also, the 1st team quality could have come off the bench in the last 15 minutes if needed. I hope results go our way so our last game result doesn't matter. I do think we will beat the Nix, if we have to win. But fack me, it has been a painful season. The icing of the cake last night was having to put up with Paramount's shite streaming quality ... and those commentators! ... and Georgevski at one point trying to work out how long to go in the match, I think at the 62nd minute and he came to the conclusion 18 minutes, before being corrected by the other commentator. I think that was the highlight of the night for me. What a freaking disaster.
  9. What a fucken shit show. Fuck you Perth and mostly fuck you PK / Glover Jesus's Good, wtf
  10. For fucking fuck sake fucking go fuck yourself Perth and fuck me fucking dead City fucking put the fucking ball in the God damn fucking net you fucking fuckwits and PK get fucked and Georgeskvi shut your dumb ass fucking mouth you dumb fuck and Kenny Lowe also shut the fucking fuck up and Reddy get fucked you old fuck stick ... and fuck me, just win this fucking game City And also fuck you Aloisi and Wales and the Tards ... I'm getting a beer
  11. This ... Kisnorbo is a fool. We should have seen squad rotations all year. We should know the full potential of all the team, as it is a squad game, and clearly we got talent throughout the whole squad. Inexcusably poor, and has 100% cost us points, player injuries and stifled the development of some really promising players ... however, critics may say we are still odds on to win the plate! But in reality we should have locked it down 3 games ago, and we should be able to enjoy our team's successes and strengths, not suffer through this obvious mismanagement, which casts a negative light over our team
  12. Glover's miss has cost us in all reality 😵
  13. Newy hitting some form ... WUFC are a chance of zero points from their last two. The Tards will hopefully also lose to Shitney. Despite PK and Glover, job may well be done
  14. No issue with Griff. Fack em! PK is so freakn unqualified mentally to coach its not funny. Anyone could have seen we needed subs. Naboutt was cooked, as was JMAC and Tillio. Endo, Steff, Raph ... the Italian fella .... we have players on the bench that can do the job. In those conditions, fresh legs can win you the game. PK is a dunce.
  15. We should have the best keeper in the league. Not some old fucker who may have the odd blinder, not some young kid who has potential. Just the best keeper in the league. The best keeper in the league wins you games
  16. Gutting for the team. Was going to be a snatch and grab. Glover won't be popular in the change rooms after that one. He's not good enough. Please move him on. Bos was good. This Comp is a clear indicator of which players can play at a higher level. If the club really wants success we can't carry anyone ... especially a fkn goalkeeper. Glover may cost us the plate, progression in the ACL ... a final
  17. May just cost us the plate and progression in the ACL. Move him on PLEASE
  18. This kid should have had more minutes this year ... hope he gets some proper form in the ACL and features in the finals
  19. They were below NPL standard, so it was good that we bossed them and got some good goals. If we had an A1 standard keeper this season, we'd have already won the plate.
  20. Any news on Leckie and Nabout? I'd be surprised if either played
  21. 5 forum pages on this fella ... and how many minutes has he played? PK is prepared to let his mate Leckie take half a season to run into form (and then run him so hard he gets injured) but won't give this fella (with obvious quality) a go.
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