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  1. From what I have read from a couple of blogs about the night, particularly from Matthew Galea I think the guys name is who is a talented writer, the aim was 9,000 this year and we failed. Nonetheless even at 7,500 we failed to reach even that. The key word is failed. All I am hearing is marketing is what will bring in the crowd numbers. This technique is good in consumption with other avenues. What are we marketing it as that differs from outsiders perceptions from this season? How will this marketing relate to new people who may not be totally interested in the game? What will create a buzz in Melbourne that will make people take note of our club? Surely not just marketing? Surely not just John Aloisi? I think Scott Munn thinks or expects people to just turn up if our message is different. This won't work. We have been in the competition now two years and made little gain in members, so we need something that causes a stir and a buzz to turn people's heads. They are marketing to football people? Sorry again, but if football people haven't jumped on in the first two years when we were new and exciting, why would they jump on now just because we market differently? I am just confused by this as an obviously smart man in Scott seems to think doing the same thing will create different results? 4,000,000 people to target and get the attention of. Getting a big name would have caused a stir with most of them. Marketing differently? Don't think it will register at all. I sure as hope we reach 9,000 members, for the sake of our club and Scott Munn.
  2. Seems pretty simple actually. But let the experts decide what is best for the club. I sure as hope they know what they are doing. Missing your targets of 9,000 members and only getting 6,700. Well, most people would be sacked after that type of return in the business world. I would like the club to announce the plans in getting to the target number of members and attendance, rather than just sprout that they want to get there. Fan Forums are nice, but they are used as a selling tactic to make supporters feel more important and involved in the club and enhance positivity. Not saying lies are told, but they tell you what they want. Happens in all sports around the whole world. Marketing is great, but what is the difference and capture they will use from this season? What can they market that will get an average Melbourne person to watch an ad and go, you know what, I want to support them and go to a game of the Heart? John Aloisi? So far that is the point of difference and it ain't a great one. Signing a big name that will get every person look sideways at least would be a great start to the process in capturing an identity and the spectators. Work on getting them to become supporters, then members. I dare say if we fail in getting to our targets, Scott Munn will be in massive trouble. In all honesty he sounds like a great bloke, but if he fails, he should rightfully be looked at. Sporting capital of the world to not be able to get 9,000 members would be quite poor. As I said let's get Operation 12,000 to help save Scotty!
  3. That is fair enough, and I am open to critic too on here if they achieve what they do. I hope they do as all I want is the best for the club I support. So far though, both have failed in their goals. Massive mountain now for them to climb to achieve what they want. I am in their corner and hoping to be ridiculed when proven wrong. I just think, getting a big name through the door, will create a buzz in Melbourne and not just the derby but the rivalry between the two clubs in the sporting capital will get the Heart some significance. Im not going to sugar coat it, but right now, we have minimal significance in the Sporting landscape.
  4. How do we have the 2nd highest revenue and what's included in that? Did they state the breakdown our just said that? Find it very hard to believe. Probably takings from the gate of our two home derbies? Also we break even if we can increase our membership to 9,000 as I understand it? Plus other factors? Most club's will break even if all things go according to budget.
  5. So they have researched that in that particular marketplace when we are competing with the biggest team in the league supporter wise, that big signings don't work? I apologise to them then, didn't think Melbourne getting a big signing wouldn't work. After all, isn't Melbourne mad sporting fans? Wouldn't they come out in numbers for a big name? Think they have got this terribly wrong.
  6. LOL As if. From big money transfer to the most broke club in the A League who don't want to sign any marquee. Herald Sun editor is a Victory fan trolling the crap out of us.
  7. No mention of Grella. Well suppose it was funny for some on here to mention him. Small things, small minds etc. Thing that worries me is the no plan to increase member/supporters. I haven't heard any viable plan from the club in growing its membership and fan base. This worries me and all the people got tonight was two officials talking and preaching about the club. Of course most will have a spring in their step as they feel privileged to hear from these two in an intimate setting, but from what I have read from the transcript is just preaching. No big name signing? Yep, that'll draw the crowd in Scott and John. Hmmmm. Where are our balls in ringing Newcastle United and saying "hey, we had a player trial with you, is he in or out cause we have to sort our shit out and can't wait for you, either make an offer or stfu". No we'd rather sit on our hands and then complain about communication. I think our club lacks balls. Unfortunately of course JD backs the club in finding young talent. With our financial situation and inability to find any fans, combined with our lack of balls, we can only try and recruit youngsters under the prefix that this is our philosophy. Fact is we have under performed since our inception on and off the field and things do not look like they are improving. The club will struggle to get to 9,000 members. Shit they would be lucky to average that attendance (without the inflated derby crowd numbers). Also for the guy who was tweeting from the fan forum and announced a "Major announcement" LOL. Shithouse PR. This will smack our club back in the face when the rest of the country goes...what? That's it? Gee that Heart is a joke. They are already doing it now on FFT. Club needs to improve in every facet, starting with the way the club is run.
  8. I'm with you 100%. If that is the major announcement, it's a bloody joke.
  9. Enjoyed the #HeartForum tonight. Surprised more hasn't been made of @Jdidulica confirming @bootsa22 is contracted for next season.
  10. Twitter thinks it's Bolton signing for another year. Someone who went to the fan forum told another poster. Hope your right yelawolf, did you go to the fan forum?
  11. I wouldn't say unfair, its just the way it is. Club doing more than the right thing, just showing my impatience.
  12. I accept Private messages lol. I am in Tassie, I promise not to tell anyone.
  13. We also have to look after the best interest of the player. We cannot hold a player back from a better future or realising their dreams. If Babalj wants to go, well we have to enter into negotiations for the best possible outcome. Unfortunately we are the A League and a stepping stone for launching careers. Yet the club is bigger than any individual and whilst I will miss him, we can find a suitable replacement.
  14. Boss! Amazing kit that home one! Well done mate. Someone send this to Kappa or the club.
  15. I agree Tesla. Think Grella is a possibility more than ever now. What Aloisi said about a midfield enforcer who can break up play and play the ball from defence, I think he was describing Vince Grella if I am honest. It makes perfect sense. Come to think about it, he would be the best Defensive Midfielder in the A League and a midfield built around him, with Fred, Mate, Thompson would be quite devastating. What worries me about Grella is his injury history and how much money he would demand. Whilst being a top class player, he wouldn't put bums on seats for the money he would demand. We have to factor in getting more numbers via a marquee signing. We are not doing well enough off the park to ignore the factor a big name would mean for us. In saying all that I do see the reasoning behind it, and agreed with Aloisi in that we certainly lacked that type of player more than anything else. Having that enforcer in the midfield would protect our back four and also give our attackers more confidence.
  16. Grella fits the description of the type of player Aloisi wants the most. Very interesting. I would personally prefer Charasteas. By a mile. Would bring in the crowds.
  17. What in the hell is wrong with some people?
  18. I agree. But he has talent. Let's hope Aloisi get's into his head and gets him to reach his potential. But yes, right now, he is an utter disgrace, no questioning that.
  19. Sign a CB with experience, presence and leadership. That is a must. We won't win the league with the three we have, even though Good and Hammill are very talented. I personally think Good will still be going to Newcastle. For Alan Pardew to personally want to see more of him and say he had excellent pace and presence, I would think they are negotiating. If the rumours are true and Shime departs, I won't be too fussed. Become very average. What we will then need though is an experienced overseas player, an experienced Australian based player and a young guy we can develop. A midfield enforcer! Like how Aloisi said that. Bresch would be the dream, but like that John wants to add more steel to our team. Also like that he wants to win the league, not be known in just developing. Even though I was against him, he is winning me over. Now the proof will be in the pudding. Also Charasteas FFS. Get him and get Williams off the burgers and on the training track and watch us win the league.
  20. Hey man, good job! Very good job. Amazing what you find on the #MHFC hastag!
  21. Heard anything else mate, other than the 27 year old Spanish CB?
  22. This is floating around twitter on the #MHFC hastag. From a tweeter by the name of @rplotty (hope this is within the guidelines of posting and if @rplotty is around I hope he doesn't mind me posting this effort) I think if it turns out anything like this, we should all be happy. The home shirt is amazing in my opinion.
  23. Well, we still maintain the best looking Manager in the league....... No homo.
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