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  1. Walt for the asian cup numbering as it may change, for example Nichols was no. 9 last night
  2. Mooy not getting injured in a friendly with the socceroos
  3. It's the brain fart of an ffa rule maker to have 5 which is infact an improvement on the original 4 we used have
  4. Let's hope he's nice and fresh for Saturday
  5. He did some sign board rearranging when that 2nd goal went in, and I was expecting some fire in the presser after seeing that but he must have had a dose of the chronic post match.
  6. Going on what I've actually witnessed... Melling
  7. or at least give Mate and him the freedom to switch sides regularly through out the game, that will make space that we seem to be struggling to find given the amount of back passing we are now starting to do again. I'm quite certain this happened a number of times already over the past two games They may have done one or two actual switches but what I've witnessed mainly is Duff getting frustrated and roaming centrally to try and get on the ball, and in some cases he's ended up further over on the left side but not in a clear switch with Mate.
  8. Well you've waited for the right time if you didn't want to travel to see them, they've only ever played on AFL/Cricket grounds that I can recall when playing in Melbourne prior to this.
  9. I've not got mine, but i did get an email about 3 weeks ago telling me they were getting distributed
  10. So the ABC are showing the Asian Cup, wonder who they'll get to do the commentary, I hope Francis Leach gets a run. They will also cover tonights games against Japan so I suppose we will get a taste of how they will cover the tournament. and ABC, if you find this, please keep this bloke well away from the coverage... Edit: Just a little bit of insight into this man's insight prior to the WC this year for those that may have missed it. Peter Wilkins of ABC was the man to incur Postecoglou's glower-heavy brand of quiet wrath on Wednesday by pushing hard to know why Mark Schwarzer hadn't been 'recalled' following his impressive late-season cameo at Chelsea. "He's retired," was the emphatic response, delivered with an ironic smirk which descended into an impatient dismissal as the question came back a second time. Wilkins' crime was to misphrase his enquiry, which should have been about sounding out Schwarzer over a possible reversal of his decision, a perfectly valid query which deserved a full response.
  11. Is it too late to change my vote to Paartalu?
  12. Speaking of Banners, surely we can whip this one up by this weekend... http://www.foxsports.com.au/video?v=incredible-banner_1227126764761
  13. or at least give Mate and him the freedom to switch sides regularly through out the game, that will make space that we seem to be struggling to find given the amount of back passing we are now starting to do again.
  14. fingers and toes crossed Willo is a worthy inclusion in the squad but not as our reliant source for goals, he just isn't bankable enough to convert his chances, runner up for golden boot last season or not. He seems perfect as an impact player though with his speed when the game is getting old and we have failed with our possession game and inevitably revert to the counter attack.
  15. Spewing the Oranje won against Latvia, we could have used some Guus here at City
  16. I got a little insight into the general populations impressions of mass at the game last weekend. Explains why he gets voted man of the match at te ground... 2 blokes behind me were talking about Mooy missing because of his socceroos call up when one of them said "Murdocca is missing too he must have been called up as well, he's been really good" I'm not a mass hater but come on, are these people serious
  17. http://theworldgame.sbs.com.au/article/2014/11/17/9-things-we-learned-round-6-league 7. Jacob Melling is a real find for Melbourne City Keep an eye on this young bloke, who has starred for Melbourne City in its recent resurgance. Melling put himself about in the centre of the City midfield against the Mariners and it's no coincidence the 19 year-old wasn't on the pitch when Mariners scored in stoppage time to rescue a draw.
  18. http://theworldgame.sbs.com.au/article/2014/11/16/real-madrid-manchester-city-and-inter-milan-play-australia
  19. Slightly less gimmick and better password security
  20. I see the problem, the graph area you've created is not tall enough to allow for more memberships hence the grinding halt in take up
  21. People that walk into a packed fish n chip shop order minimum chips and then expect their order to be ready before everyone else's
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