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  1. Weekend's teams' lists just came out: Round 8: 1-2 weeks - he's ahead of schedule! Round 9: 2 weeks, back on schedule! Lucky for him/us next week's match has been moved so that's one less game we won't have him for since it's been moved to March. If next week (Rd10 for everyone else) he's theoretically "1 week" away then I'm still hoping he can make an appearance off the bench at the Derby as I originally predicted. you better not have gone down there and given him a corky in the calf to get him back on your schedule
  2. Love the idea, would look great! maybe to keep the match fixing accusations at bay a... "Buy the players a backbone transplant" ...might be a good alternative
  3. List updated as per end 9 squad list
  4. This is misleading - yes our defence is crap but they're comparing our record over 8 games to the record of the Knights over an entire season, so it's not the same thing. That said: our defence is pretty terrible. Lies, damn lies and statistics. Agree with you but I thought it was a great headline and yes there's a lot of truth in the headline anyway I am willing to give city this "award" based solely on the 2 back pass assists in 2 weeks we produced. can't say I've witnessed that before
  5. From what I can see, the players whose contracts end in 2015 are as follows (this list may be a little wrong, but hopefully it's mostly accurate): Wielaert Ramsay Murdocca Duff Germano Retre Velaphi Dugandzic Kisnorbo Everyone else is a 2016 end, except Garuccio who is 2017 and Paartalu who is 2018, plus of course Liam Miller who is supposed to leave before the end of the year. I see no reason for any of them to be retained (duff the exception but as previously stated he is only herefor the year)
  6. I don't Twitter, but is this trending?
  7. Hoffman a real chance to win the votes this week
  8. So... When do we get to vote for man of the match?
  9. Who's this idiot Considering you can't grasp basic punctuation it would appear to be you. Tbf yours isn't exemplary
  10. We need a winner but we also need someone who can recruit, mulvey is a big no. We got the cash, go abroad for a proven manager in those areas I say, no ones knocking down the door in oz
  11. Not having a reliable striker might be the issue
  12. Just jump on wiziwigHow do you get rid of the ads? Buy Foxtel
  13. But we can offside like the best of em
  14. Duff doing a good impersonation of mifsud so far
  15. If only there were points for misses
  16. The karma truck hits hard sometimes. Probably shouldn't flip the bird at us next time Abbas
  17. What's the Hoff celebrating foreign holidays for? I'm starting to think this appreciation thread is a beat up
  18. Do you know the minutes he's played? My gut feel is that stat would make these numbers look even worse. Such a shame to see a guy with talent and endeavor not be able to realise his potential.
  19. Wonder why they're not at their home ground?
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