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  1. fingers crossed we will have a completely fit list come feb when then season resumes
  2. Guardians of the Galaxy. Best space movie ever
  3. We have Kennedy, Williams and Marino all contracted for the next year-and-a-half. So do we load up with another striker? Won't that just put pressure on another position somewhere else on the field, just as we do at the moment with so many midfielders? unfortunately this is the case, which is frustrating when we have numbers but without true depth in a position as we do with our striking position. Kennedy is still a massive risk given age and recent fitness issues, Williams can't score in a brothel and Marino is very early in development. I know sweet F A about this guy but if anyone has more detail on him i still say he's worth a look.
  4. Worth a discussion... http://www.fourfourtwo.com/au/news/ex-wigan-aussie-starlet-eyes-league-deal
  5. https://twitter.com/AaronMooy/status/546457933576286208 Nothing too outrageous there. But he is becoming more and more of an on-field force as this season rolls on and it was his direction out of the midfield that was the main reason City was able to succeed in the derby. Hopefully, Mooy will survive when the Socceroos squad for January's Asian Cup is cut from 46 to 23 on Tuesday morning. He deserves it on form. http://theworldgame.sbs.com.au/article/2014/12/22/false-9-round-11-sky-turns-dark-blues Fully agree. It would be a real injustice if he didn't make the Asian Cup Socceroos squad. Won't go into detail, but if the likes of Terry Antonis gets picked over Mooy it would be ridiculous. I've looked at the stats of both, and Mooy's numbers kick the shit out of Antonis'. Hopefully his name is duly read out tomorrow. Mooy not in squad
  6. So, if the sheiks brother employs Kalmar (and others that need imminent delisting) down there at the family airline company on the unspoken and unwritten proviso that they bugger off so we can sign some new cattle to properly fill out our roster and not have salary cap issues, would that be a problem? I mean - if these guys want to leave the club they need to get a job somewhere, the FFA can't begrudge them that.
  7. What was an interesting observation was how many in the area on the eastern wing nearer the away end that "stood up for vctry" seemed to stand up and cheer the winning goal. how quickly they turn
  8. It's the least he deserves! an elbow to throat would be apt
  9. Good game, and encouraging given he started quite nervy and made some errors early on. Good head on his shoulders to settle himself down and have a good performance
  10. Agree with that 100% At the time I just assumed that bro ham had been carded. Plus the fact he was hardly touched but went down like a toddler, he should go and play netball or croquet or something i think knitting would suit him better
  11. His bonce is becoming quite effective. getting better every game
  12. Expecting to see him on the back of many shirts
  13. I read he was in training as well as getting "treatment" as he had been out injured at his previous club.
  14. Updated, Kennedy listed now and in true city form straight on the injured list
  15. Going to both RM games, was going to do all 3 games but the ticket prices killed that idea
  16. Was Duff taken off due to injury?
  17. With our luck soon out squad will be contracting Ebola
  18. Not getting the "match day fire up c*nts" posts anymore I see
  19. Santa is your only hope, I hope you're on the nice list
  20. There is no point talking 'in general' this really needs to be considered on a case by case basis. Take for example Germano. Of the right age but injury prone. Compare him to Frank Lampard who is still extremely durable in his mid to late 30's. Frank's just lucky he didn't come here or he'd be injured too
  21. You lads must get paid very well then I pay £600 season ticket for 18 games which is just over £33 per game.......and I think that is expensive! Any work over there? Sure just don't come by boat
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