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  1. Fwiw the proportional result looked as follows Glover 12.8 Tilio 12.2 Leckie 10.9 O'Neill 10.1 Bos 8.7 VDV 7.4 JMac 6.4 Berisha 3.9 Good 3.6 Talbot 3.2 Lam 2.7 Florin 1.5 Nabbout 1.3 Caputo, Reis 1 Jamieson 0.4 And games polled in (anybody gave them a vote) was: 17 O'Neill 13 Glover, Leckie, Tilio, Bos 10 VDV 9 Lam, Berisha, Good, Talbot 8 JMac 4 Reis, Florin 3 Nabbout 2 Jamieson 1 Caputo 0 Galloway, Gomulka, Hall, Oresti, Sutton, Sulemani, Raphael, Stokes, Durakovic
  2. A lucklustre voting turnout in the finals series doesn't change my decision to include them, if you don't like it then please feel free to add an a big asterix to the results. vs Sydney Leg 1 Glover unanimously our best with 16 votes, Leckie and Berisha equal next with 3 a piece and Bos jagging 2. 2 votes to Tom Glover, 0.5 votes each to Valon Berisha and Mathew Leckie vs Sydney Leg 2 A lower voting turnout despite the better result, Tilio lead with 6, then Good with 4 and O'Neill the only other player to receive recognition with 2. 2 votes to Marco Tilio, 1 vote to Curtis Good GF vs CCM Another uninspiring turnout, this time justified by the result. Glover won with 4, O'Neill and VDV each received 2 with Tilio getting 1. 2 votes to Tom Glover, 0.5 votes each to Aiden O'Neill and Richard Van Der Venne. -------------- Bringing us the the conclusion of the campaign saw an underwhelming finals series, and a poor voter turnout. Nevertheless there was one big change, with Tilio moving up a spot in the placings to finish second. 16.5 Tom Glover 13. Marco Tilio 12. Mathew Leckie 10.5. Jordan Bos 8.5. Aiden O'Neill 7.5 Jamie Maclaren 6.5. Richard Van Der Venne 4. Valon Berisha 3.5. Curtis Good 2. Callum Talbot 1.5 Thomas Lam 1. Max Caputo 0.5 Nuno Reis 0.5 Florin Berenguer Congratulations to Tom Glover, comfortably winning the forums best player award from Marco Tilio and Mathew Leckie.
  3. I prefer the 321 usually (use a 4321 on an AFL forum), but with the smaller match squads here I think having to dish out more votes quickly diminishes their value, especially in a poor performance, and if anything is a disincentive to vote. Think it reflects well on him. I don't think he has had any proper bad games, and has been instrumental in quite a few of our results so deserves the credit. He is easy to find faults with but when he is good he is influential. My votes for the semi 2. Glover 1. Berisha
  4. --------------------------- vs CCM A focused collection of votes saw only 4 players represented. Glover's strong performance saw him amass 15 votes, with only 1 voter not seeing him as worthy. Bos was next in line with 10, then Berenguer with 3 and Berisha with 2 at the bottom end. CCM draw. 2 votes to Tom Glover, 1 vote to Jordan Bos. --------------------------- vs Western Maclaren comprehensively smashed this game, collecting all the 2's to finish with 18 votes. The rest were fairly evenly spread, 3 each to Glover and Berenguer who picks up his first (half) vote for the season, Nabbout earned 2 and Leckie put his name back in the mix with 1. Western win. 2 votes to Jamie Maclaren, 0.5 votes to each of Tom Glover and Florin Berenguer. --------------------------- vs WSW The final match of the regular season had a great turnout, seeing Tilio collect all the 2's for 22 votes. Bos was next with 4, then Talbot with 3, and Reis and O'Neill scored 2 each. WSW win. 2 votes to Marco Tilio, 1 vote to Jordan Bos. --------------------------- Leaderboard after 26 actually complete games regular season games We've seen a real tightening at the top, with our 4 leaders all being within 2 votes of the lead. Glover has taken it from the largely absent Leckie, Tilio has made a very good charge and is maybe in the best form of the contenders, and Bos continues his impressive season to be all but assured of a top 4 finish. The order might seem a little but out with peoples perceptions (mostly Glover at the top), but it's hard to dispute the top 6 players haven't been our standouts all season. 12.5 Tom Glover 11.5. Mathew Leckie 11. Marco Tilio 10.5. Jordan Bos 8. Aiden O'Neill 7.5 Jamie Maclaren 6. Richard Van Der Venne 3.5. Valon Berisha 2. Curtis Good 2. Callum Talbot 1.5 Thomas Lam 1. Max Caputo 0.5 Nuno Reis 0.5 Florin Berenguer Fwiw we will continue this through the finals, despite them carrying a little less weight than previous seasons. I find it hard to argue that a good performance in a final in Sydney isn't worth as much as it is in a shitty nil all draw in Brisbane.
  5. Fwiw proportional voting looks as such (as in if we gave out the 3 votes based on what percentage of votes a player received for that game, so not just awarding them to the top two votegetters). Leckie 10.4 AON 8.8 Tilio 8.3 Glover 7.6 Bos 7.1 VDV 6.8 JMac 4.4 Berisha 3.3 Talbot 2.9 Lam 2.7 Good 2.6 Nabbout 1.1 Caputo 1
  6. A bunch of games to get through. vs Brisbane Good voting turnout, with it focused around one man, Aiden O'Neill, getting a unanimous best on ground with 20 votes. Bos snuck in second with 4, then it was Berisha with 3, and Good, Glover and Lam getting 1 each. Brisbane game. 2 votes to Aiden O'Neill, 1 vote to Jordan Bos. ------------------------------ vs Macarthur Smaller voting turnout, however O'Neill collects votes from every poster again, finishing with 11. Talbot is next best with 5, then Bos with 3, and Good with a single best on for 2. Macarthur game. 2 votes to Aiden O'Neill, 1 vote to Callum Talbot. ------------------------------ vs Newcastle 4 players featured in the votes, but the votes were very well distributed between 3 of them. 7 votes go to Jordan Bos, Max Caputo gets almost as many votes as minutes of gametime with 6, Talbot snags 4 and Berenguer makes his first entry this season with 1. Newcastle Game. 2 votes to Jordan Bos, 1 vote to Max Caputo. ------------------------------ vs Victory. The long derby see's O'Neill deliver a commanding clean sweep of the best ons again, with 12 votes all up. Good comes in second with 3, Berisha scores 2 and Glover earns 1. Victory game. 2 votes to Aiden O'Neill, 1 vote to Curtis Good. ------------------------------ vs Wellington. The Easter game saw Maclaren rise again, taking out top votes in what was an excellent voter turnout, with 16. Glover made some excellent saves to come second with 10, just holding out a strong Nabbout with 7. Tilio score a brace but only managed 2 votes, while O'Neill keeps himself in the conversation with 1. Nix result. 2 votes to Jamie Maclaren, 1 vote to Tom Glover. ------------------------------ Leaderboard after 23 actually complete games Cleary O'Neill had a huge month, managing 6 votes to rocket up the charts. Bos also keeps rising with a handy 3 votes to push himself into 4th. There was little movement from the other guys at the top, Leckie and VDV haven't been sighted, Tilio has had a good month but not worthy of votes, while Glover managed just one vote but is now really challenging Leckie for top. The 2 votes for JMac also help him break away from the trailing pack, and if this is a return to form could he be a late riser? 11.5. Mathew Leckie 10. Tom Glover 9. Marco Tilio 8.5. Jordan Bos 8. Aiden O'Neill 6. Richard Van Der Venne 5.5 Jamie Maclaren 3.5. Valon Berisha 2. Curtis Good 2. Callum Talbot 1.5 Thomas Lam 1. Max Caputo 0.5 Nuno Reis
  7. My votes for the Nix game are 2 for Maclaren, 1 for Glover. Totals update shortly
  8. Thought Talbot was our best, so 2 to him, 1 to Bos.
  9. 2. O'Neill, 1. Bos. Would've been 1 for Talbot if it wasn't for the pen.
  10. A disappointing performance against Adelaide was difficult to reward, (not helped by a forum outage), with just two posters offering their thoughts, which had no crossover. Tilio and Berisha each received 2 votes, O'Neill and Nabbout one each. Adelaide game. 1.5 votes to Marco Tilio and Valon Berisha Leaderboard after 19.23 games Both Tilio and Berisha manage to close the gap on the player above them, Tilio now probably the frontrunner to claim the lead form Leckie. 11.5. Mathew Leckie 9. Tom Glover 9. Marco Tilio 6. Richard Van Der Venne 5.5. Jordan Bos 3.5 Jamie Maclaren 3.5. Valon Berisha 2. Aiden O'Neill 1.5 Thomas Lam 1. Curtis Good 1. Callum Talbot 0.5 Nuno Reis
  11. Sorry been away with some major life developments, but this should catch us up most of the way. An impressive performance saw too clear and evenly matched standouts, with Leckie and Bos alternating the 2 and 1 votes with every voter to both finish on 15. Perth Game, 1.5 votes to Mathew Leckie and Jordan Bos. ----------------------------------------- The derby was not particularly fun, but still attracted a few votes. Leckie collected all the 2's, and ended with 8. O'Neill scored 2 votes, while Bos and Van Der Venne attracted 1 each. Derby, 2 votes to Mathew Leckie, 1 vote to Aiden O'Neill. ----------------------------------------- The Sydney game saw us return to winning form and saw a good turnout of voters across a number of players. Tilio was the standout with 6 voters giving him 2 votes for a total of 12 (interestingly the remaining 3 voters neglectd to give him any), Maclaren scored 7 votes to narrowly beat O'Neill with 6, while Lam and Bos both scored 1. Sydney, 2 votes to Marco Tilio, 1 vote to Jamie Maclaren Leaderboard after 18.23 games 3.5 votes moves Leckie to the top and gives him a good buffer to try and ride out this injury period, 2 votes to Tilio puts him right in the mix t follow him though, Bos solidifies his position near the top, O'Neill starts to get some recognition and Maclaren starts to get a break on the main pack. 11.5. Mathew Leckie 9. Tom Glover 7.5 Marco Tilio 6. Richard Van Der Venne 5.5. Jordan Bos 3.5 Jamie Maclaren 2. Valon Berisha 2. Aiden O'Neill 1.5 Thomas Lam 1. Curtis Good 1. Callum Talbot 0.5 Nuno Reis Please don't forget to vote for the Adelaide game, disappointment that it was, below. My votes: 2. Marco Tilio 1. Aiden O'Neill
  12. 2. Tilio 1. Maclaren Also I am finally back so when I update the votes for this game I will fix up the games I missed.
  13. St Pauli's current LB (and joint captain) is moving at the end of the season. Bos plays a similiar attacking style (probably dribbles more vs Paqarada who is capable in that regard but is more dangerous with his mid range passing). St Pauli atm is very intent on pushing both full backs into very attacking positions.
  14. At this stage it sits: Leckie 6.9 Glover, VDV 6.5 Tilio 5.8 Bos 3.3 Lam 2.5 JMac 2.3 AON 2.1 Berisha, Good 1.7 Talbot 1.5 Reis 0.8 Jamieson 0.4 Most players have about the right amount of votes, just 4 have a deviation of at least 1 vote with Leckie and Glover both doing better in the real thing and Lam and O'Neill doing worse.
  15. An impressive victory saw a good voter turnout, with a spread of players getting recognition behind a certain Dutchman claiming maximum points. Van Der Venne unsurprisingly scored a season high 28 votes, unanimously being declared our MOM. Jordy Bos came a strong second with 7, Leckie was in the mix with 3 and scoring 1 vote each were O'Neill, Good, Reis and Berisha. I haven't checked the records but this could be the first time a starting player who scored didn't get a vote (JMac). MacArthur demolition. 2 votes to Richard Van Der Venne, 1 vote to Jordan Bos. Leaderboard after 15.23 games VDV moves into the top three and really pulls away from the pack. Bos solidifies his position in the order. 9. Tom Glover 8. Mathew Leckie 6. Richard Van Der Venne 5.5 Marco Tilio 4. Jordan Bos 2.5 Jamie Maclaren 2. Valon Berisha 1.5 Thomas Lam 1. Curtis Good 1. Aiden O'Neill 1. Callum Talbot 0.5 Nuno Reis Note I'm also keeping track of total votes as a proportion (basically every vote is counted and then the 3 votes split as per whatever proportion you got, so if you got 10% of the vote that week you'd get 0.3 votes). It flips the order at the top around a bit, Leckie is on top with 6.8, while Glover and VDV are equal with 6.5
  16. For anyone interested Metcalfe's adventure in the Bundesliga2 is making progress. For the first half of the season he was mostly an off the bench option, used primarily as a attacking mid although had a pretty good cup game at right back due to injuries in the squad. Anyway St Pauli were having a shit run and sacked their coach over the long break, which is usually terrible news for Australian overseas, but the replacement started Metcalfe in all their warm up games and he has started in both league games this year. I would say he is playing that attacking mid/wing role but it's more like Leckie does where he doesn't really get near the touchline and more tries to play through or past his opponent with his control at feet and good passing interplay. He struggled to get into it last week although had some moments before subbed off about the 60th minute, but this week he was pretty involved, scored a ripper goal (that was initially ruled out for offside before VAR intervened) that was similiar to RVV's lob a week ago, and from an offside position managed to assist another (disallowed) goal before being subbed in maybe the 70th minute. The side has won both it's games with this new lineup which bodes well for him going forward. Fwiw there's about to be a hole open up in the lineup for an attacking LB who can carry the ball. Goal here (offside assist about 4:09)
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