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  1. http://musicfeeds.com.au/news/aussie-rapper-ur-boy-bangz-fires-back-at-jimmy-fallon-in-brilliant-new-track/ ** SHOTS FIRED** Your boi Bangz destroying Gimmy Fallom (sic.) in this acid dis/reply track. "Thank you anywayz, I'm out!"
  2. Thoughts so far, gents? I can't believe I'm actually able to take Vince Vaughn seriously but it's working for me.
  3. It's semantics but having one degree does not make you a PG student when you start a second. It does however make you a Graduate. At universities that have a strong focus on Research e.g. Melbourne, a graduate course is one you complete, generally via Coursework i.e. Grad Dip/Masters (CW) after a general UG whereas the term PostGraduate is only attributed to a research Degree e.g. (PhD, MA) with a specialisation in a certain field which necessitates a level of research e.g. Honours/Masters (R) as a prerequisite. For instance, once you complete a general science degree at UOM you can gain entry into Masters of Engineering etc. (which after checking just now you only need a generalist UG degree e.g. Commerce, Environments etc.) because you are a Graduate. There is no specialised research involved to gain entry to or to complete the Masters. To obtain a PG qualification such as a PhD you must be able to demonstrate extensive specialised research expertise in the specific field and this work is viewed as being of a "higher" or"further", hence the 'post' prefix, level than those who have obtained entry into a Graduate Masters/Grad Dip. program via Coursework or minor research.
  4. Haha all good mate. Most people don't make the distinction. I'm just a wanker who's been at uni way too long
  5. Any and all items that attract significant amounts of excise go above paying just for the problem they are creating. Excise taxes on Fuel, alcohol, smoking etc. are intrinsically designed to engender positive societal benefit beyond the scope of the problems they cause. Not in any of your economics textbook's readings that detail the simple sum ease of "how to govern a country" and as much as it grinds your gears, not everything in our society is dollar for dollar due to our propensity for a sense of social justice that sees the redirection, reallocation of capital from individuals, sometimes disproportionately, to obtain an overall more just society, case in point being that smokers pay for my healthcare with both their personal tax and their bad choices you may view this as irrational or unfair in your own twisted, Friemanite conception but in Australia it's the reality. Enjoy 1) The Rightest/Neo-lib fiscal and financial doctrine central to the composition of the Eurozone mechanism from its conception to it's current economic minatoar form coupled with the extortionate usury practices of the ECB and IMF have everything to do with the current situation in Greece. The market is broken. You'd say stop meddling and let the market correct itself but what happens in the mean time before this economic utopia materialises? Those numbers on the spread sheets of Reaganite politicians and economists are actually people. Come up with a real solution to the crisis that affords the people that it is actually effecting some form of realtime assistance/relief instead of just having 'faith' that the market will inevitably look after them. Are you denying that some form of state/public sphere intervention is not needed in this situation? The church of the Market is very irrational and inflexible sometimes for an institution that claims to have the monopoly on economic sense and authority. 2) You are genuinely kidding yourself if you actually believe that Tsipras created this situation. I personally think the bloke is a populist and have no love for him. You may think he's going about it the wrong way in trying to clean it up but he didn't create the mess and you know it.
  6. 1: Where did I assume that the prison population has a higher rate of anything? 2: I have zero idea what your Carl Williams tangent has to do with anything let alone my point about prison healthcare? 3: Of course there isn't? Once again, I, at no point in my post insinuated that prisoners would be rid of the smoking habit via the ban just that they would have a greatly reduced capacity to acquire the cigarettes and thus be less of a drain on the health system while incarcerated. The fact they can begin smoking again once released is philosophically void as once the judiciary has decided that the denial of personal liberty to a transgressor ceases upon release and moreover, the reinstating of the freedom to partake in behaviours that the state has not deemed beyond the realms of social acceptability (only a matter of time btw) e.g. smoking should occur, then they are free to do so and we pay for their smoking related healthcare just as we do any other idiot who choses to smoke in our society. The question is why are we affording people, who we have been denied basic liberties due to their unacceptable behaviour, the privilege of the choice to smoke and then foot the bill for that choice when we deny them access to other potentially costly/illness inducing luxuries such as alcohol or gambling while in the same position? I genuinely don't understand why there would be a pushback from those who are not currently incarcerated against this policy. 4: I at no point claimed the tax payer pays for their cigarettes. It is not a general health problem simply due to the origin of the purchase, it is a public health problem because of the implicit duty of care mandated for any person residing at Her Majesty's Leisure which encompasses our healthcare standards and inevitably the taxpayer foots the bill for that. 5: They are already an item for barter which drives conflict and the creation of said 'black-market' intrinsically implies that they are harder to get within this confined setting thus via simple deduction their scarcity assures fewer cases of prisoners contracting smoking related ailments which we in turn have to pay for.
  7. We (the taxpayer) currently pay for all the medical treatment of those incarcerated in our prisons. Smoking induced emphysema, heart disease, lung disease, all types of cancer, diabetes etc. are all afflictions that the community need not have to pay to treat when considering the vastly reduced propensity for these to occur in our prison population if smoking is banned. From the libertarian side of things, we forgo certain rights when we transgress in society e.g. personal liberty and tbh I have zero problem with restricting access to potentially lethal and inarguably costly privileges such as cigarettes. Also, for the cons and neo-libs on here, how can you be against limiting the amount of public expenditure on prisoners on top of the already astronomical cost of housing and monitoring them? It's nonsensical.
  8. TTDIM: Titties. Seriously how fucking good?
  9. You know things are bad when cunts are camping out to buy land in Rockbank. http://www.msn.com/en-au/health/medical/desperate-bidders-camping-out-ahead-of-property-sale/vi-BBl4NYW?refvid=BBgDLGx
  10. we dont know Ivan Franjic's number yet.....as soon as we do then we'll insert the number into the chant itself. Just sign out and never log back in please. Wow ur homophobic. Melburnians dont tolerate ppl like u pls hang urself He's not homophobic. He's just like the majority of forumites that think you're a faggot last I looked im seeing a beautiful woman (for anyone wanting a clarification! In need of clarification. Pics pls.
  11. I reckon the Greek construction worker will do it on the cheap, as long as we pay him cash in hand I'm sure if we just opted for a kidnapping we would be able to get a better price I know a few Chaps who could do it on the cheap
  12. Who wants to chip in for a hit on this bloke? pass the hat around, see what we can do.
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