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  1. He needs service otherwise he will never be successful. You all seen how angry and frustrated he got when there was no Novillo or Mooy supporting his runs. A sticker is always relying on his team mates to read the play. The most important move for the club will be to find another or two of Mooy, Novillo.
  2. Nah, he will not receive more than 1m. Keep it real guys. How much is Berisa on?? He is a great example of his worth. He will settle for 1m. I highly doubt he will get hi ls asking money unless he goes to China or Middle East. Remember, he has not performed in any other league. Has he finally found form at a mature age, or has he found great support players in a league that he can dominate in? I think the later.
  3. Hope our players control their emotions. Wouldn't want them to be distracted by Mauk's antics.....he will no doubt attempt to fire them up.
  4. More like a team without Novillo.. Guarricio works hard, but just doesn't have the smarts. Bruno not happy with him.
  5. Yep, totally agree. They defended well most of the game, but not strong enough for our attack. Despite a brief few minutes, we were too strong even prior to the red card. It was only a matter of time that we penetrated through the bus. Persistence paid off. Totally Un-Heart like. You have to pinch yourself to realise our success in last two weeks, we've toppled both Adelaide and Brisbane. We just need consistency now.
  6. Commentators are incredibly bias and serious dull and boring. we were fouled consistently in the beginning and they alleged we are diving. They suck the life out of me every time I listen to them. There's a lot of talent in Wellington, why persist with these idiots?! El Tuna missed the service. Mooy was unlucky, Guarricio cant play wings front, Tuna man not happy. Yes, he was hopeless. Tried to make up for some mistakes, but was utterly shit.
  7. Cahill is a gun. He s a fairly switched on unit. He's not coming to Australia, for two reasons. One, his reputation will be tarnished (yes we have high expectations and cam be a tad unforgiving). Secondly, money. He's fairly savvy with his earnings. Donr blame him either. Name the last Socorro that came back that didn't tarnish his achievements when he came back to A league? My opinion, players like Cahil need service, if they don't get it they look "shit" and "beyond expiry" in the general public eye. Just my opinion. He should retire overseas and be held on a pedestal by the Oz public. But hope he gives some back to the youth, media or some A league club. He has a lot to contribute.
  8. Re Harry, club is playing the responsible employee card. Taking a mature approach. Regardless whether the issue is serious or not, the bloke has a few loose screws, why the f would he be posting Twitter messages in the early hrs of the morning. If he's serious about his career he'd be holding back on that shit. Explains why he hasn't fulfilled his potential
  9. I can confirm today at training : 1. Novillo was not training today. 2. Kuzi was training alone with someone I couldn't recognise, maybe a youth player. BTW, my 9 yo will have a better attempt using his head at goal!! 3. Chapman looked really sharp and fit and participated in small side with the bulk of the team. Assume he's ready. 4. Shooting exercise - A.Melling and Guarricio re so f shit at shooting. B..Fitzi stood out as a sharp shooter - every shot was within the posts. C. Bruno is a character - he's got charisma and class. D. Retre can curl them E. Mooy gives it his 100 % commitment. F. JvS is soft. He used words like "common", "still no goal"" blah blah! I expect him to put a flair up his players back side, seriously this is the way it should be!! 11. Towards the end they all seem to be having a happy time, bit of banter about inaccurate shoots, lots of man bonding, etc. Think the group rates Mooy and El Tuna highly. They actually call him "Tuna"
  10. Every derby game, I wonder how many City fans turn up. How many City fans compared to Victory fans? My opinion, (I could be biased) I think it's fairly well balanced 50/50. I know of many of my friends (through kids clubs) are hard core Tard fans and they stayed home, when I asked why they replied 'not our home game'. Without stating the obvious "memberships comparison" etc, do you think we are outnumbered? Would love to know your opinions...
  11. Really good analysis by you lot, I agree with much of what's already been said and I won't reiterate. The biggest disappointment is our manager did not adapt his game plan once we lost Hughes and more importantly Paddy. We can't fault the stand in CB's! The Brit commentator and the end of the game was right on the money, a good manager adapts to each opposition. It was quite refreshing to hear an independent commentator say it the way it is. Also Partalu's turnovers are killing us, allows opposition to create counter attacking opportunities. He needs some help/advice. I can't remember the last time we fought back and had a "go" while down 3-0. Now that's some heart pumping exciting stuff! Now let's pick up quality CB asap.
  12. Nah, they all know that he hasn't dropped back as much as required and sits wide waiting and I reckon he's been blasted in front of the team before. All good. JVS and co trying to ground him.
  13. As his confidence grows he gets better. Our team has never had a character just like him. Hope he stays for a few years and continues to contribute the same. I also think he's less selfish than he was in the early days and a little more disciplined. No doubt the club have been working with him on this.
  14. He needs luck collecting his wage. He'll be gone in 6months.
  15. Is he consistent as good as the highlight video? He has speed (Williams like), but!! good with the ball, creative and can score (Mooy like). How is he defensively? More importantly, why isn't he getting game time now? Seems to me he could easily replace Koren and play along side Mooy or replace him. Great move, can't wait.
  16. Koren not at training today. Kisnorbo wasn't training either, but I did see him casually walk towards the old ground 1hr before the team started.
  17. Funniest thing all week. Great start to my weekend.
  18. i can't log in as I'm a Tetra foxtel customer. Can somebody confirm you you must be a Foxtel customer as opposed to a "Teltra" foxtel customer.
  19. Yep, that's exactly what has happened. The only logical solution. No doubt there would have to be some sort of incentive for the Australian contingent. Maybe free City premium tickets, or flights or houses in Abu Dhabi etc. I guess we will never know. 100% Certain these successful business men wouldn't do anything for free, so there must have been some consulting fee expenses thrown in....
  20. No thanks. He hasnt played since Jan 2014. Other news, I'm hear we are spending considerable time scouting from Npl teams.
  21. Nah, lease is only about 1k/m for a 55k car. A young fella with no commitments and shared rent could afford that quite easily.
  22. Just seen the new facilities...the blue track stands out. They were watering the lawn tonight at 7:30pm. Its opposite the Heidelberg industrial area, and appears to be part of the existing classrooms of Latrobe uni which is located on Waterdale Rd cnr Kingsbury Dr. As posted previously, it seems entrance is from Kingsbury dr. Also, I wonder if they've created a new gym, ice spa, and lap pool or the existing Latrobe facilities will be utilised?? For 5m they should never have to cross the road unless attending a lecture.
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