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  1. From what i saw on Sunday i think Genreau should get a start he was very good going forwards and as we saw gave a great assist for the first goal.
  2. Oh my, how awefull for you J W please accept our deepest simpathy at this terrible time kind regards from Mrs Johnno and i.
  3. Not to mention they also get called up for olyroos etc during our off season and even during our season.
  4. Do you not think that the other sides have been watching him and decided to double team him as that's what i saw , so they controlled the amount of his influence on that wing ?
  5. I am really pissed of at the moment as i was looking forward to tonight's first home game but i have had a bad week . culminating in being taken to hospital by ambulance on friday as i have got something wrong with my heart so sadly i will have to stay at home for this one .
  6. Then you should get an email telling you that your pack has been sent or ring them they are being very helpful at the moment.
  7. Haz have you thrown away the cardboard stiffener, if you have a suggest you look between the pieces as that is where they will be. That is, if you can retrieve them from your recycle bin.
  8. Playmaker , there are two sides to every story/ fight and we as fans do not know exactly what happened so placing the blame on the shoulders of the club is in my opinion wrong. Or placing the blame on any ones shoulders without corroborated evidence is akin to slander so be very careful .I was as upset about the whole thing as were many fans but as i said before we do not know for sure what really happened.
  9. I make no predictions as such but just want us to play bright attacking football wherever we finish as long as we give it REAL go nothing like the crap we had to endure last season which was very hard to watch . From what i have seen we should do well !
  10. Newcastle might need him now as Wes Hoolahan is out until next year. Berisha i mean.
  11. I wonder if Birghton in the EPL have this same problem as they are situated on the south coast in Sussex, be interesting to know and if they do what do they do to stop the Gulls.??
  12. I absolutely refuse to go to marvel stadium to watch anything it is a total shithole , if you are on ground level you can only see the top half of players on the far side of the pitch and if you are on upper levels you need binoculars to follow the play . i will wait for the first home game at AAMI.
  13. Well if he's that good what's he doing back in Australia ??
  14. I have just booked our tickets and printed them at home for ZILCH so where is this $4.00 coming from.
  15. Ring the membership number at La tobe talk to the crew there are offering discounts .
  16. Not quite custom but you do have a limited choice of 5 players including one female.
  17. So So sounds like my school we did exactly the same with about twenty a side .
  18. So, where are the next pre season games to be played , have heard nothing from the club so far ??
  19. Totally agree JW i paid our memberships way back in early June and have heard nothing since, not even the so called email for the friendlies, not that we will be traveling down to bentleigh.
  20. Interesting article jw, but where do these journalists get the idea we are cash rich so that should make us invincible, we are still under the salary-cap so we are in effect no more cashed up the any other A-League club
  21. Agree with that jw 1739 after all it was the first pre season game and we just need to calm down a bit. I have never been a fan of Bouzanis and where anyone gets the impression that his kicks are great and the non movement when shots go past him is in my humble opinion disgraceful .
  22. Not really surprising with the crap manager we had .
  23. Just ring the membership line and ask if there are discounts , they are wanting to get fans back and offered me a discount without even asking. Just re-signed for next season and we got a small discount on the full concession price, thank you Melbourne City . We also managed to snare the same seats as last year. Now all we need is some entertaining winning football to occur COYCB.
  24. Dis not get an invite but got the usual survey on what the club has done in the last month so wrote that it was very little and that things need to improve plus there was a complete lack of communication from City to it's paying customers.
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