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  1. Well now Kisnorbo gets a go at the helm, it will be interesting to see how he handles it !
  2. Ah but will The Bulls be there ? With all the resignations etc it seems very fragile at the moment.
  3. Anyone heard how Hendry is going ???
  4. Bit annoyed at this fixture as it will fall on the celebration of our 80th birthdays for me and Mrs Johnno so will miss the game but will try to keep up with the scores on my phone if possible. COYCB.!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  5. Having forced time away from game time tends to deplete the form of some players too.
  6. I see it more as being completely inconsistent we just cannot play two games the same .
  7. I was watching their game last night and that dumbf***K Kamsoba you would think he had a broken leg the way he was rolling about but was up playing like nothing happened within 2 minutes, he may be quick but that's all he is , no idea where the goal is or when to pass.
  8. Just another journeyman.
  9. totaly agree JW it's the same every year positive start leading to a total failure after Xmas we are NOT going to finish second more likely 5ht or 6th .
  10. Hence the reason for our cancellation of our memberships last December(2018) to wait and see what will happen. We voted with our feet as this seemed to be the only way we could tell the club what we felt about Joyce etc.
  11. Not surprising after the last home game behaviour of some fans.
  12. Out of likes but totally agree. specially after that dickhead from last year.
  13. and, because of the Kick off time we will not be going. I play bowls on Saturdays and there is no way we could get there before 7pm so we will watch it at home and that really pisses me off.
  14. Did we actually play last night??
  15. keep playing attractive football and they will come, it's a very simple thing really. it was the reason that we stopped coming last season as my wife pointed out in simple terms,"like watching paint dry". Boring Boring Joyceball.
  16. Total overreaction a fine would have been quite sufficient .
  17. This was, i think, the main reason for the poor crowd the weather probably convinced people to stay home and watch it on TV. It certainly was a very impressive performance spoiled by bloody awful weather, i was there and it was very raw cold weather.
  18. Those are my thoughts also it seems to me the system do's not suit him at all .
  19. Surely you must have the Five game membership country and interstate membership gives you five games.
  20. Didn't look too good today either but it was quite pleasant really.
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