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  1. My thoughts, i can't help thinking "have the refs been told to tighten up and produce more cards as this is happening right across the league not only red cards but also yellows for what i would deem to be strong tackles but not even yellow cards. it's strange but this has been happening right from the start of the season.
  2. Totally agree jw1793 we hear absolutely nothing about our club along with even less about the A league and they wonder why the fans stay away. After watching the EPL teams etc on tv it is appalling that we cannot get decent attendances to A league games .
  3. Gee's i would take him in an instant, he's far and away better than mr brain fade .
  4. And there you have it, hit the nail right on the head !!!!
  5. just a little question, How's Mooy doing these days ? I personaly would love to have him back in City colours.
  6. Having watched Victory last night Vs the roar i think our boys must have taken a night off and that made Victory look extra good because victory were not even near their supposed performance last night.
  7. Pucci who? has he got any legs ? Still have not seen him play !
  8. Don't you think that the Sydney game was i big one??
  9. I can understand him getting frustrated at times but for goodness sake Patty calm down and let the boys play . he is driving me insane with all his micro management and dancing around pointing and screaming at players. it is no wonder that the players are getting confused when he tells them where to run to etc.
  10. I have to admit, his distribution was absolutely abysmal so the club should bite the bullet and bench him i am sure we would be no worse of with whoever they put in .
  11. So why oh why do's the club hang onto him if he is not Good enough. If he is no good then get rid , after all that's what happens in the real world if you get a job and you cannot produce the goods then you are OUT!!
  12. But he had decent competition when Biragitti was playing every game on the bench!
  13. it's a bit hard to blame him as he only had three minutes on the ground before the final whistle.
  14. I am not at all surprised with the virus going bananas,some time ago (2months) friends of mine wanted to have week in Quueensland so theys set about getting all the necessary permits etc . On arrival at the airport they were asked if they had these permits and officials were shown them , all good they then flew to Qland and on arrival were asked if they had the permits but were not asked to produce them. On returning to Vic the same thing applied but this time nobody asked them for their permits so is it any wonder that the whole thing is a complete shambles!
  15. Jw, for this very reason i have a Chromecast and connected to my computer through which i stream football ,your laptop would do the same thing.
  16. The rules are crazy, the rule for the ball for out of play etc "the whole ball must be over the the whole of the line" so why is this not the same for Offside ie,the whole of the player must be over the whole of the line not his big toe or finger or indeed his arm or foot. Which brings me to the line drawn by VAR is what i would call a pencil line not a line the same as on the pitch which is about 10cm wide so in my opinion if a players leg or any part of him/her is on the line they would have to be deemed onside, but at the moment as the line is so thin i cannot see how they rule the player to be offside if they are not protruding OVER the line by at least part of their WHOLE body. .
  17. yes the main thing being that most fans get a little over excited especially when we are going so well that they seem to forget that without these player such as Griff Good Reis etc battling away at the back have put the rest of the team in a position to win.
  18. Isn't it ironic that Sydney is now at the crossroads of a breakout of the dreaded lurgy (covid19) whilst we in Melbourne are controlling the Lurgy very well. I my humble opinion it would be safer for both teams to play in Melbourne than Shitney.
  19. I gave my vote to MR eversteady Curtis good, Saved our arse several times when we were under pressure.
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