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  1. Fireworks up the ass if we win? Mate, if Heart win - we'll be chucking a barrel of gunpowder up my clacker and setting it off. Gotta bash some 15 year olds too, can't forget about the 15 year olds.
  2. Can't wait to king hit and kill some 15 year old victory fans post match. Go Hearts
  3. Just got discharged from hospital. Things got out of hand post game, a few mates and I fucked my ass violently with rockets. Anal prolapse has never felt better
  4. Also to shoot a nang into my asshole
  5. To be able to shaft more than 5 pingers in one session
  6. Everyone who develops a small affinity for our players and then labels them a cult hero is why we will never ever have another cult hero.
  7. Is this bloke even alive lol fuk him we have tando
  8. Shut the fuck up strider you fucking cunt. post reported
  9. I'm coming. First home game of the season. Better start lubing up them rockets, I'm comin in hard and I'm comin in dry.
  10. Have the TV ads that slag off politicians always been as bad as they have been this year? Victorian elections I see nothing about promoting why someone should vote for a candidate but only accusations of corruption and incompetence.
  12. And rockets to shoot into his dear marteaux's ass
  13. Need money for heavily cut pingers on schoolies
  14. We haven't had a good young striker since Babalj. Good to have a young strikerbloke on the bench worth keeping an eye on.
  15. Belgian and Dutch gabber played at 33rpm is off titties. It's too fast to work on 98% of dance floors. There's a few fans of it who play where I go out and every now and then an olds school hard style song will get played and it's pretty hit and miss.
  16. Hope ur taking this piss bra or we're gonna have to dust off the old rockets and take turns with eachother
  17. It's ok to bash a guy who starts dating your ex for no other reason than he is dating your ex
  18. Countless rockets have been shot into my ass
  19. A bloke who you're not even sure is going to show up each week is hardly worth a pick inside 30...
  20. Tbf there has never been an exceptionally good Vietnam based multiplayer FPS.
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