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  1. How do we know Tesla didn't just copy me because he knows I don't talk pus?
  2. I called up TAB yesterday regarding not getting the bonus bet, end up getting a $50 credit, use that up, then the $50 bonus bet appears lolol. Up $650 cheers cunts.
  3. Bullshit list is bullshit unless VW gets a green line for Aaron Hughes.
  4. how does he not get a green line but Tesla does?
  5. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Aaron_Hughes
  6. not sure on the full story but I know the reason he's so salty now is because they quit funding his sister but I'm guessing he knew if he brang that up people would just say rightly so because she's poop. I'm just amazed that no one has questioned Tennis Australia and Rafter after what Tomic said.
  7. Only gonna get worse with Raonic, Tomic & Coric all looking like being top 10 players later in their careers.
  8. TTIM: That the general Australian public has ignored the base of Tomic's rant the other night after losing to Djokovic. Wonder how much pressure Tennis Australia would have been under right now if Lleyton had come out with the same claims. TTIM: No one questioning the fact that Australia's top ranked male is forced to pay for his own balls while Tennis Australia chips in for the Fanatics to attend games overseas. TTIM: Callers on SEN yesterday saying we shouldn't listen to Tomic as he resides in Monaco, hence isn't a taxpayer of Australia. I'm guessing they forgot about the fact that Pat Rafter is a resident of Bermuda (while sucking on the Tennis Australia mango) or that Lleyton Hewitt is a resident of the Bahamas lol.
  9. Cashed out when Karlovic went down 1-0 for -$0.70 of my stake. Regretted it when Karlovic won the next 2 sets. Woke up and saw Halep lost lol. Feels good.
  10. Not my usual style but I put a 15 leg multi of all players under $1.10, only got $2.67 for it but 9 have won, got Karlovic, Wozniaki, Kerber, Seppi, Monfils & Halep left tonight.
  11. is the to score after 29th the first goal only?
  12. Answer my above question about Wimbeldon ya cunt Djokers to lose, Murray the only real threat IMO.
  13. Had a wild ride this weekend. Went way down yesterday and Friday on the footy & Copa America, then somehow crawled by way back to even in the last 16 hours starting from the Saints-Dogs game. Thank god for the darts, went 6-0 last night in line bets, and had a cheeky bit on Paraguay to qualify vs Brazil this morning. just backed England in the women's World Cup as well, 2 goals as I write this post. Mint.
  14. Lol, the bloke couldn't run, what did you want us to do? Have him stand on the penalty spot and wait for him to be onside then deliver to him? Bloke could never run, didn't stop him scoring throughout his career. Another career destroyed by JVS. Probably for the best he is gone though, really cbf watching another season of Kennedy putting crosses into the box for a winger, rather than the other way around ffs. lol, a few good years in Japan against very weak defenders (physically). how many goals did he score in 10 years in Europe Tesla? 27. In a fucking decade.
  15. Lol, the bloke couldn't run, what did you want us to do? Have him stand on the penalty spot and wait for him to be onside then deliver to him?
  16. Lol. Another great signing (y)
  17. Did call Paartalu before anyone else, almost certain there is proof on the forums but cbf looking for it, and that was out of the blue. Also knew about Novillo & Safuwan weeks in advance but kept it to myself. And my Murdocca information was from a few months ago, I am guessing they didn't reach an agreement, hence the loan deal to Avondale. Those who know me personally know who my source is.
  18. Going to get on Michael Van Gerwen to win the International Open Darts this weekend. Paying $2.25 in a pretty weak field, no Taylor, Anderson, Lewis, Barney or Bunting. Should at least make the final so you will be able to hedge. Don't imagine Wright winning, only threat for me is Chisnall who has killed it this year.
  19. Game of Life - I used try be a basketballer in that game every time I played that game in 1993 and every fucken time I would get something like the Plumber Card instead. Was up at a mates beach house a few years ago and we thought we would play the game of life because we found the concept hilarious. No shit, my mate who just got a superman logo tattooed on his chest, with his first go, picks up a card saying "you got a bad tattoo, move back 3 spots and lose life points" Hilarious.
  20. Wish I saw this yesterday, there's a reason why Nadal is ranked #10 atm while Djok has been #1 for however long. Nadal is well past his prime.
  21. So you need them by 4 or more? Yeah, 4-0 currently in the 30th minute. Fiji yet to get the ball into their third.
  22. Game kicks off at 11. Huge plunge into $1.56. Lucky I got on last night, that's a decent price drop.
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