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  1. should probably rename the thread to "random shit that very nearly happened"
  2. it certainly wasn't women's football
  3. lmfao @ the true driver of growth What are you laughing at in that statement? One look at the FFA's plan and at numerous data points over the last few years shows just how fast women's football is becoming more and more important part of our sport. Our club finally getting permission to start a W-League side could well give us a substantial benefit in terms of fan engagement over the next few years across our brand. here is lil tommy at his local club playing in the u9s team, do you think he gives a shit about the w-league? whether you like it or not, football is watched mainly by males and unless these girls are naked, the majority of males do not care for women's football. the FFA should be putting their focus into other things
  4. lmfao @ the true driver of growth
  5. as if people actually give a shit about this
  6. Shit fight but enjoyed the lols of casual fans for Pacquiao Mayweather is just too good. He controlled the whole fight and it went exactly the way he wanted
  7. lmfao 30 PPL who support a franchise not even half a decade old, in a country where jobs are avaliable being dick heads? rofl go to europe if you want to do that shit ffs, i will never get why cunts do this here in the a-league.. who or what are you fighting for?
  8. haven't read the whole thread but going by the title and the first page, not sure why people are so upset about this signing?? rate this bloke and he is better than the 2 other old cunts we have atm imo
  9. Victory to score 2 or more against Sydney @ 2.20 gr8 value for a team that scored 3 on the weekend and their opposition missing their 2 starting CBs
  10. anyone know what agency has Dortmund to be relegated??
  11. IMO go for 2-0 to Korea after ET not sure on odds but i would put at least 3/4 of my house on it
  12. Iraq -1 got it at 1.72 (yesterday) down to 1.42 just before KO
  13. fucking left wing fruit loops at aami park
  14. guessing you didn't? wouldn't bet on them again, very lucky tbh tonight's games are tough i reckon, but Jordan and Japan would be my bet
  15. surely Saudi Arabia to beat North Korea tomorrow???? didn't watch their game though, how were they against China?
  16. danny brown next sunday (Y)
  17. willliam sparkles braaaaaooooo
  18. what's the point? imo no singing or chanting for 90 mins why give the FFA something for their marquee game if they can't allow this for you guys and yes i realise VicPol have just as much blame as the FFA
  19. fuck mate this is an absolutely brilliant post! 150% will lmfao if this happens and i'll buy everyone in the stadium a beer, except those scum vistard losers!
  20. you MUST have contacts to make it anywhere in this industry. did you volunteer anywhere at any events while you were studying? did you make any contacts with your teachers who work in the industry? knowing people is key
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