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  1. If I recall, the protest was "Keep Melbourne Red and White" not "Keep Melbourne Red and White in Gosford".
  2. given how pathetic tanned managers have been i think we should be looking to Iceland or other arctic countries for our next manager
  3. Che


    disagree, they were looking pretty weak until about a week ago when Troisi and Contrerras were brought in - and bizarrely/luckily they've managed to hold on to Milligan which is a huge boost but hardly nailing in their recruiting.. Theyve left their recruiting pretty late imo but we'll see.
  4. Good find if so, kudos Heart.
  5. Heaven forbid people be allowed to change their opinion!
  6. Lol Cadete, the only other newspaper/magazine that has endorsed Rudd is the Economist (how do you feel about that- the bastion of neo-liberalism and economic conservaitsm supports the ALP). Not even SMH has endorsed him. Also go fuck yourself with your consistent presumption that your sources are always better than anyone elses, and that no one else on here can possibly have any links in politics.
  7. Seriously why post this utter crap on here??? As Malloy said there is a major reason why this crap is not even being published in The Major Left Wing Media at election time. You do realise that Ellis is the same guy who wrote a book of complete lies defaming both Costello and Abbott’s innocent wives in the past? The one which they took him to court for defamation and destroyed the kent in an open and shut case. In fact u can see with this link you have provided right now that he is still defaming them but nobody cares anymore because Ellis has nothing left except for a drinking problem – Certainly no Money or any Credibility. This rumour about Abbott and his advisor is a load of crap peddled by ALP nobodies. You do realise it is possible for a Man to work closely beside a Woman, and for that matter this particular woman’s husband as well. I could go on – But after reading this contribution instead I will just enjoy Saturday even more. Lol. I'm backing Ando here because i've heard this rumour from too many sources for there not to be any legitimacy around it - incl very strong LNP and Sydney sources. guessing it wont happen when he's in office though.
  8. Because Abbott knows how a Stable Federal Government should work. Abbott was a Key Minister and Key Part of one of easily one of Australia’s most Successful/Stable Governments of all time. It was also the last Proper Stable Government that this Country ever had. Because Abbott’s own party actually has faith in him. Abbott has been the leader of his party since before the last election and has had the complete support of his party room. Because Abbott is a honest man. Others have always been more media slick but in Abbott’s interviews his Minor Mistakes and Bloopers you can tell in comparison to a lot of other politician’s his an Honest Man and he has to think before he speaks rather than spilling out rehearsed spin (Rudd on his Refugee Flip – Gillard on her Carbon Flip). Because Abbott is a smart man despite the media’s portrayal of him. Abbott is a highly intelligent man who was a Rhodes Scholar (A proper NSW one not a WA one) he in fact achieved much more academically than Kevin Rudd (The Media’s intellectual) ever did. Therefore there is no reason to doubt Abbott’s intelligence just because his speaks plainly when he addresses the Public/Political Issues or because belongs to religion scorned by many “So Called intellectuals”. Good answer to 'comfort in an Abbott led government' tbh. I won't agree with the majority of his policies/ideology/goals but at the very least it appears that he will be a stable leader capable of bringin back medium term certainty and continuity in regards to policy for as long as he is elected... so long as Turnbull is kept quiet... I still hold that the forthcoming period will be an attempt to replicate the relative fiscal conservatism of the Howard era and that this will be a vastly innapropriate time for it, as a result the structural / environemtnal issues in the Australian economy will continue to corrode our overall growth as fiscal conservatism is not going to properly address them, but we shall see. I look forward to being an angry person in opposition tbh.
  9. Solid signings too, bringing in some much needed depth. Good season ahead of us i reckon.
  10. fukn geelong keeping us on edge like that. Only 2 more games to go, come on afl gods be nice to north melbourne.
  11. Lol, Howard is lucky that no one ever remembers his structural budgetary deficit.
  12. Fuck my life. And the best thing is, it has given North a slim but possible chance of making finals. Best possible result for me really!
  13. Think I win the Essendon debate.
  14. Officially the dumbest policy in Australian history from the coalition there. Really? What about Rudd's compassionate stance on refugees for an ALP Man? Making refugees live in a country where Homosexuality is illegal and a motion is currently going through Parliament to also make all Non Christian religions illegal as well. dumbest policy in *economic terms then. Plus that's not neccasarily dumb, just unethical and immoral.
  15. Officially the dumbest policy in Australian history from the coalition there.
  16. Canberra ffs over any other place in Australia. People here fucking froth football like nothing else.
  17. Have a medal mate, everyone in the crowd was laughing at you for setting off flares at a preseason game instead of watching your side struggle against a local team. Also, Grow a dick.
  18. Che

    EPL 13/14

    Chelsea haven't even played a game yet mate, bit early to be making calls like that dont you think?
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