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  1. Anything else gonna stop us playing out a game this season? Bloody hell.
  2. Ban active. Open behind the goals up as general seating. Next.
  3. This is spot on. Wanna know why attendances aren’t growing? Active is a big part of the issue. I have kids now and can’t sit anywhere near the flogs in active when amateur hour, un-clever chants like “Fuck ‘em all, fuck all the rest” come out. It’s a disgrace. I love watching the support, but the male toxicity (admit it, it’s a sausage fest - minimal chicks) which have all these young blokes feeding off each other’s pack mentality, builds this environment which pushes people further and further until stuff like last night happens, which at the time seems acceptable to those participating, Victory active support does have a far darker, sinister undertone - you can see it in the older thugs, wearing black hoodies covering faces etc, look like they are a gang not football fans. but people outside football see our terrace in the same light when flares are chucked, anti establishment chants with fuck the APL come out. Even look at your city terrace Facebook posts each week, written with anger about chanting, disrespecting opposition etc etc it all builds toxic anger. protest with banners, walk out, do all these things, but honestly, active support is an asset, and a liability - and maybe it really is something that needs to be looked at - is it time to disband a bunch of hot headed blokes on the sauce, and scatter them amongst the crowd. And if this stops you following our football club, maybe you weren’t there to follow and support and be part of our football club, but rather the toxic male pack mentality side of it where you felt part of a tribe who chant abuse and stick together, but that’s about it. this isn’t at all approval for moving the GF to Sydney, that’s still a disgrace, particularly the process. And we should still show peaceful protests and simply boycott finals, First past the post are the premiers. but this is more broadly a question about who really loves football and believes it can grow with new fans when they see the way our active fans behave. I’m a heart Foundation member, I got into aleague after 2006 World Cup when I finally understood the excitement and emotion of football seeing our country do so well. I could never follow victory because I saw back then the thugs and toxic undertone of their active. But I have loved heart/city and being a part of many wins and tough times (including in the terrace years ago), but have always cringed at some of our behaviour - I think if they ban active, for the long haul, maybe they have a better chance. Right now, we go backwards.
  4. Club legend status officially rescinded. Eat a bag of dicks Bruno, you’ve sold your soul.
  5. If after 2 legs it’s all square, does the good old away goal rule come into play before any ET or penalties? If it does, it’ll be peak A-League if one of these teams progresses because they happen to score a goal at AAMI park the week it was their “away” game!! 😅
  6. This will happen for sure. As soon as they find out about the free tickets code.
  7. A small upside, the Nix just guaranteed their spot in the 6 tonight beating WSW…. So less to play for on Monday night for them. Hopefully they just forfeit now, for all our sakes.
  8. Let’s be clear, Gloryhole were $10.50 for the win tonight. $10.50!!!! We are a disgrace.
  9. https://fb.watch/bX_JJIcEg_/ Sometimes forget he was a Leeds cult hero
  10. It’s just a smorgasbord of free tickets with this lot… WUAWAYFANS is the code to use to sit at our end WUCOMMUNITY is the code to use to sit on the sidelines amongst their 4 fans the fact they are giving them away for their own fans too shows what a joke this new club is
  11. Crowd number is atrocious. This league is terminal at the moment.
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