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  1. Here's a callout to everyone - anyone care to have a crack at stylising it for a tattoo/is a tattoo artist? Happy to be the Guinea pig and would love to pay someone for a ripper design!?
  2. That might've been me. I still have my Heart logo tattoo! Mad @Shahanga says, the new one may be too intricate to get inked?
  3. Why does everyone keep saying we need a defensive mid? I've been holidaying in the States for a while so I've probably missed something? But up to the last derby Paartalu was one of the very few who would always put in every game and play his guts out?
  4. Totally agree, 100%. But given that they are abiding by the rule - they must want to incorporate sky blue or whatever. Meaning no matter why - the shirt will be 80% white.
  5. Whilst I tend to agree with you @Jimmy, this 80% rule comes straight from the horse's mouth. So..?
  6. No it's a ruling from the FFA, as you say. Whilst I agree it's all a game of give and take, the colours are the big issue. Personally I don't think CFG will push on this one until they are basically running the show. They definitely aren't running the show currently, and I personally believe they'll need to wait until the FFA need something more from them to call this one in. Until anything changes though, it IS a rule from the FFA, and since we play in their competition, we have to abide by it. Whether CFG are happy to currently peddle white is neither here nor there, just as whether CFG ultimately want sky blue. It's just subjective. Nothing to do with blue I don't believe. That part's up to us. It's just that it has to be 80% white. As an addendum @Jimmy, I'm not 1000% sure they'd push a new design (next season) if they weren't going to go in that direction medium-long term. But could easily be wrong.
  7. Please keep in mind that it's mandated to be 80% white, so anything that's falls outside of this is simply wasting time. I feel bad when people get excited about these designs (yours does look great btw @Rasputin) because it's never going to happen. Nay - it cannot happen.
  8. Is anyone savvy enough to knock up a Nike all-white Kit with sky blue trimmings to give us a reference point?
  9. Cricket - and in particular BBL - is being marketed as the white Australian 'family fun'/fireworks/KFC/lights/sounds/loud noises alternative. This is in contrast to the way soccer is portrayed in the media.
  10. Yes please. Red Cross FTW
  11. Most likely going to be an emphatic no, but - does anyone know anywhere to watch the game from NYC?
  12. Why would he? I'm so sick of scare mongering and people dropping rumours like this. It makes no sense for him to leave now. Media and trigger happy fans need to chill. We don't need that drama for the sake of it.
  13. Your first unintentional spelling mistake since you've been posting. A rare Christmas present for the rest of us indeed.
  14. Sorensen Franjic - Kisnorbo - Hughes - Clisby/Zullo Paartalu Brattan - Mooy Mauk - Fornaroli - Novillo Retre, Melling, Garuccio, Koren, Williams, Velaphi, Chapman. Thats a complete, championship winning side. With options, youth and experience, and players to challenge and push their peers for spots in the team. I almost reckon that's the strongest side in the league on paper.
  15. Yeah the club aren't happy about it either.
  16. Love watching SPL. So direct. I've often thought we should look there for cheap talent actually, as I think they'd fit into the A-League well.
  17. 75% white, league mandated. Please take this information on board.
  18. Mentioned after the FRG meeting.
  19. Something that has been stated previously is that the kit will always be predominantly white. Always.
  20. I used to have heaps of trouble with Prem clips as well. Must be some serious detection software.
  21. How long do you reckon you'll get away with this copyright before they take it down? Also, that music...
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