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  1. If anyone were going to be banned, it'd probably be me.
  2. It's a continuation of the topic. I didn't realise we now magically had a third marquee slot. Wouldnt have thought it was that far of a leap to deserve a whack? You don't think it's hypocritical?
  3. If this was Sydney FC who did this, we'd all be up in arms. Legit hypocrisy.
  4. He's 37. 37 years old. At what point is enough enough? Signing someone 10 years younger - 27 - is still on the wrong side of Father Time. This isn't a football decision, it's a marketing one. What another shambles.
  5. https://votecompass.abc.net.au/ Some of you are actually good blokes, so I doubt you're all as Right as you denote yourselves.
  6. Not on the spectrum. Unlike yourself...
  7. Greens >> Labor >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> Liberal
  8. Whilst I appreciate the Waleed + Project bashing, please don't tarnish the only legitimate Political party in this country with this brush.
  9. No idea bro. I'm sure of it. Always could be wrong, but I'm certain, without having a link, that they own 20%ish.
  10. Maybe. Still holding a faint hope it's like the one above.
  11. I was. I know that, I've been correcting people about it for ages on here. However, I won't believe it until I see it. Also, if it's the new Nike template, all white, with blue or red sleeves, I don't know... I just want to see it. I feel it's the last straw for me, and a disaster waiting to happen.
  12. Someone ITK just show me/tell me what the kit will be so I can put myself out of this misery, hanging on to the slim thread of hope that CFG will actually respect us as our own club?
  13. I was being facetious, but generally, no.
  14. For trying to steal Sydney's colours.
  15. The original point was around which sport is seen as 'premium'. It's not really the correct term in this instance, but the gist is, and indeed the definition of premium is: 'relating to or denoting a commodity of superior quality'. There are leagues of far superior quality around the world. It could logically be said that the A-League is of inferior quality. No matter which way you look at it, only the opposite is true of the AFL. Anyway, it's not hard to understand, it's not a sleight on the A-League or soccer in general, it's just how it is.
  16. They are. Too hard to understand, or?
  17. Well nah it's not hard. The best AFL players in when world play in Aistralia. It's the pinnacle of the sport, the elite echelon, the best of the best. Do the best soccer players in the world play in Australia? Is it the pinnacle of the sport? The elite echelon? The best of the best? Therefore AFL is a premium product, whereas the A-League is not. How does this effect pricing? In a vacuum your dollar should go further for A-League pricing. We are not in a vacuum, but the theory holds true. Meaning, it's overpriced for the level of the product.
  18. AFL is a more premium product though. AFL = best in the world A-League = best in Australia
  19. Why would we need to slowly transition? They ripped our name, badge, kit from underneath is once. If they wanted it and were allowed to do it, they would've already.
  20. Ah yeah. Reading over that I 100% agree still. Thats a throwaway generalisation. I am truly sorry you held onto that. Didn't call anyone out individually if that's what you were getting at though. But, we carry on.
  21. I actually can't remember that, but every chance I did. Which one was it? Very very much doubt I would've called the leadership group out individually, I don't know anyone in it anymore. Outside of one real flog from the FRG...
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