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  1. Anyone else find it interesting that memberships will now go on sale next week? Deliberate timing I reckon. Smart, really smart stuff by Heart HQ.
  2. That doesn't even make sense. Yes, you have very right to disagree with the club's decisions, but ultimately we've got to be pulling in the same direction. Not cheering our biggest name player who new fans would come to see would create a great deal of disharmony. It wouldn't be helpful if you want our club to prosper.
  3. As if you all bitch about this! We are lucky to have our country's greatest ever player to don our kit. Yes he played for Victory, but he'll retire a Heart legend. If you honestly didn't cheer for him, you'd be embarrassing our club. You'd be part of the reason why we aren't moving forward. But I call bluff anyway. Give him ten minutes and a couple of silky moves and you'll all be 'oooooh'ing and cheering for him. This is great news in my opinion. Incredible even. Lets hope there's some more quality to come!
  4. Completely off topic, but the way Villa have ostracised him is bordering on criminal. Even if Benteke has improved to his current level, as if you just bench Darren Bent. Anyway... Lets hope we sign him lol
  5. You wanted speculation and rumours! I'm only here to help ha.
  6. Apparently Darren Bent was spotted on Lygon st. over the weekend.
  7. LOL, get plenty of arguments here but personally, the best player I've seen is Zinedine Zidane.http://m.youtube.com/#/watch?v=SvYlvkWpPy4&desktop_uri=%2Fwatch%3Fv%3DSvYlvkWpPy4 As a striker Gerd Muller was always in the right place at the right time. Didn't need more that 2 touches to find the back of the net against quality opponents in WC matches. Actually really rate that call! Good stuff. Anyway, point is, did you buy a Real membership when he was there? Just because we sign an Asian player wouldn't mean we'd get any money or anything tangible, other than a prick of the ears when we were mentioned in his countries media.
  8. He's crazy like a fool... Talkin' about ..... ......
  9. Who is your all time favourite player Heartinator?
  10. What is the veracity of these rumours? Amazing news if it all falls into place.
  11. Henry is well entrenched at NY. He won't be leaving to come here. As an ardent follower of the MLS, I can tell you he's nowhere near what he used to be.
  12. A name that wouldn't exactly bring the crowds in but would exponentially help our side on the field is Richard Dunne. An amazing CB who's exploits are familiar to everyone I'm sure.
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