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  1. Again, glad you're into it mate. Not in England or anywhere are Cup titles on par with winning the league though, so being a bit fanciful I think here.
  2. Happy that you feel like that mate. I consider myself someone who truly loves the club and has felt the pain for seven years, and I could give a rat's arse about the cup. To me it's literally meaningless, would prefer 1 point against CCM than a Cup title.
  3. Like jw said - diving is part of the show. Nobody should have an issue with it. In fact, it's not really diving. If someone isn't touched at all, it's a dive, no one wants that. But if you are held, tugged, tripped... If any contact is made you have the right to go down. Australia is still so backwards in a lot of ways.
  4. As much as we rightfully admonish him, JVS is on a whole other level to Aloisi. Aloisi can barely strong a sentence together, he's incredibly unintelligent. Is argue Ross or other assistants/players pull the strings at the Roar.
  5. Doubt we'll roll them but gee we need to win to stay in touch with Sydney the way they're going.
  6. That's not a bad thing though. If I'm running ten minutes late and they sold my members seat to someone else is be filthy. You pay for the right to that seat - that's what a membership is. It will never change and nor should it.
  7. I'm not confident all of the members will show up though
  8. Maybe this had been covered off already, but why is Peacock doing all of our media? Not complaining btw.
  9. Went in with low expectations. Left all g'd up. That's quality mate.
  10. Pretty quiet for derby week. I guess that's a sign we're all confident.
  11. How quick/mobile is this Tongyik kid? Could he replace Rose?
  12. I would love to be involved in this. Reckon I could add a bit.
  13. Good luck guys. Tried really hard with Bleeding Hearts podcast to get it up and running, but just couldn't devote enough time to it or get club buy-in. I think we need a good podcast.
  14. More than that, soccer is on the bubble. I'd love to echo others and say the next few years are so important, but honestly, I feel like it's a freight train and not even poor governing will stop it.
  15. Yeah whilst we are at it, might as well merge us and Victory and play out of Lakeside aye? Would be a great feel
  16. One Rose error caused this. Are you saying there is no room for error? Given that it did happen (I.e. context), still not a good result?
  17. Can use both feet to set up an attack - something foreign to most A-League centre halves.
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