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  1. 53 minutes ago, Missing_Moy said:

    Normally defend the club.

    But now we’ve signed Good not really a big fan of Richie as our Marquee should’ve used it on a winger or a player that can play anywhere across the front 3! 


    Jesus mate, how many versatile attackers do you want? we're absolutely stocked with this type of player. cannot understand this school of thought. 

  2. 4 hours ago, bt50 said:

    To highlight our ridiculous depth, have a look at a few projected XI's.

    Best XI


    Atkinson De Laet Schenkeveld Jamieson

                    Griffiths Brattan

        O’Halloran McGree Berenguer



    2nd XI           


    Pierias La Rocca Delbridge Metcalfe

                      Malik Caceres

               Najjar Wales Najjarine



    SUBS : Graham Lesiotis Portelli Iannuci Delianov Kis Cavallo


    every player in the 2nd XI bar maybe metcalfe could easily be slotted in

    I just don't get it. Vidosic, Caceres and Galekovic are the only ones worth talking about. The rest are completely subpar or too raw to call. 

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  3. Going off transfermarkt free agents... Nasri would be the big fish. What's he up to these days? 

    Would love Agbonlahor, Bent, Anichebe. 

    Berbatov and Keane probably too old. Landon Donovan in the same basket. 

    Tonev would be epic, as would Simon Dawkins. 

    No one else of much interest. Could bring Jeronimo back to Aus?

  4. Does anyone own this cap? Club reckons they don't exist. I pointed out that they are advertised in the club shop home screen, to which they replied that they are sold out...


    I'd give anything to own this if anyone can help?




  5. 1 minute ago, NuggetsMcGreggor said:

    Not a great atmosphere from the active area tonight. I thought the group at the back were doing their best to undermine and disrupt a new capo which was very disappointing considering their experience in that very position. Particularly disappointing was the “you’ve got school in the morning chant” after a young lad was unfairly ejected for waving a flag. Seccos were completely to blame for the ejection and subsequent escalation. 

    Let’s not forget we all support the same team here. 

    *Comes in having a crack at every man and his dog but himself*

    Let's not forget we all support the same team here. 

  6. 30 minutes ago, Dylan said:



    Now this is so far down the line it probably wont happen. But if I did and Bundoora gets a station, I reckon that would basically lead to our stadium being at latrobe. 

    We wouldn't be Melbourne City then would we? Also why would we need a stadium? You say it like it's a given. 

    What is wrong with AAMI? 

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  7. 14 minutes ago, NuggetsMcGreggor said:

    He's a marketing executive who runs around the pitch a bit. If he didn't score in the derby we'd all be bagging him out already. Barely gets involved in play and hasn't looked likely to score in any of his games. He gets drawn out wide to pressure but can't tackle and ends up way out of possession. I'd like to see him dropped for Caceras. Maybe come on for the last 20 mins in place of Bruno.

    I suppose it doesn't matter so much when we dominate position against them though. 

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