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  1. is it possible to watch on Fox does anyone know?
  2. Jesus mate, how many versatile attackers do you want? we're absolutely stocked with this type of player. cannot understand this school of thought.
  3. no offence, but that's a pretty dumb thing to say. "the two players we haven't seen anything of will either make us better or worse". okay...
  4. I am strongly interested in Eli Babalj as backup CF.
  5. just because he played does not mean he is any good at all. should barely be a squaddie.
  6. I just don't get it. Vidosic, Caceres and Galekovic are the only ones worth talking about. The rest are completely subpar or too raw to call.
  7. that's an easy narrative, but it's simply not true.
  8. Fair. if anyone here has one, name your price.
  9. Going off transfermarkt free agents... Nasri would be the big fish. What's he up to these days? Would love Agbonlahor, Bent, Anichebe. Berbatov and Keane probably too old. Landon Donovan in the same basket. Tonev would be epic, as would Simon Dawkins. No one else of much interest. Could bring Jeronimo back to Aus?
  10. Does anyone own this cap? Club reckons they don't exist. I pointed out that they are advertised in the club shop home screen, to which they replied that they are sold out... I'd give anything to own this if anyone can help?
  11. Big accusation without backing it up with any facts. Pretty poor form.
  12. *Comes in having a crack at every man and his dog but himself* Let's not forget we all support the same team here.
  13. yeah I thought he was our second worst. worst being Atkinson. all in all though a super pleasant evening. did what we had to do, bit of mongrel at times and then absolute class from the Tuna... can't ask for much more than that.
  14. We wouldn't be Melbourne City then would we? Also why would we need a stadium? You say it like it's a given. What is wrong with AAMI?
  15. you are important man and you should be proud of who you are. be happy in life my friend.
  16. do you have an issue with it?
  17. who would've thought a simple cap would be enough to bring me back. hello again friends.
  18. what are the odds of getting one shipped? got a newborn and moved
  19. succumbed and purchased foxtel. I'm back on board. I couldn't leave. what is wrong with me. go city in blue.
  20. I suppose it doesn't matter so much when we dominate position against them though.
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