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  1. Yes, it's more that we have an over abundance of wingers and I have no idea on Godoy, I'd say FB is our weakest area. Also mid season is probably not the best time to change what we are doing. 4411 without the ball With the ball Young Young Hall Souprayen Good Galloway Hall Souprayen Good Jakolis Antonis Arslan Tilio Galloway Leckie Jakolis Antonis Arslan Tilio Macca Leckie Macca 433 Young Galloway Souprayen Good ? Jeggo Leckie Arslan Jakolis Macca Tilio
  2. Jakolis offered a bit of spirit when he came on, a draw is fair and hopefully the players get a bit of confidence from it, having had to defend at the end and hold out.
  3. Yeah, Leckie has been amazing, Tilio looks rusty as, nice strike at the end there.
  4. Yes, I have been saying this for a while, we need more options than just JMac who seems out of form, Caputo or Leckie playing deeper who can control the ball whilst making late runs would present more options and be less predictable. Also playing on the counter when able would be more beneficial for JMac, as we saw in one game when we did exactly that, CCM I think it was. I've just seen the game, as I was on a holiday. We may have recruited some good players like Jeggo etc, but it's round pegs in square holes, Jeggo is more a Jedinak than an O'Neil type player for example. The whole system needs adjusting to suite the players more, we are trying to play like we have in the past with less technical players. The persistence of Lopane as an attacking player is frustrating, he is limited technically and has no vision, or more precise peripheral vision, many times he looks to just have tunnel vision. He would probably be ok as holding or FB where he has the whole field in front of him. He is a coaches player though, can do everything reasonably, but nothing well. Defensively it's a shitshow, that 2nd goal was weird, it's like Hall was given a call to leave it, as he had it covered, but just stopped in his tracks and let it go past him. Age is either catching up with Good, or he doesn't care, he has been terrible this season. And as Bela say's, our press is a mess, especially because we commit players forward with a slow defence and don't offer any cover. Politidis might be the one bright spot, he looks ok going forward, he needs to defend crosses better, but it was the same with Atkinson and Bos, he's one of the young players I have hopes for, as Caputo doesn't seem to get enough game time to show us anything. Either Vidmar needs to be able to adjust the system and is told to be playing this way restricting what he can do, or he is not the coach to take this club forward.
  5. We sent everyone forward, even Good, it was either going to get us a goal or they would do that. Good to see Jeggo and Leckie, players coming back is good and we need them. Nuno is done though
  6. Almost as good as our corners, have we scored from one this season?
  7. Quick counter, Williams pass to Taggart with an open goal.
  8. Perth have upped their game, we look slow, that was a bad goal to concede.
  9. Nice run from Macca and ball in from Arslan, we're controlling this game so far. Great through ball again, Arslan on fire!
  10. Perth like to go rout one a lot, it should test the pace of our defenders, maybe that's why Politidis starts??
  11. Prime numbers can only be divisible by itself, only whole numbers included. Taggart would be in front but he is out injured I think, but Cola has been a stand out for them, same with Koutrumbis and David Williams who seems to be a bench player.
  12. Pretty much what the both of us have been saying.
  13. Agree, no negatives. On paper we have the best team by a long way after these signings.
  14. Brilliant for us, he has looked sharp in his cameo's for the socceroos.
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