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  1. I must say the Aloisi brother no one knows is doing pretty well and the yoof have revitalised the club from the guys they had playing last season. I thought they were going to be a basket case again, but they are looking pretty good like you say.
  2. Bos has hardly played, he had an operation about a month ago for something. He seems to be playing more reserved though from the games I watched.
  3. Fafing about on the right wing and not one of our players in the box Lucky to win that I think, Metro were good value and can be pissed off by that pen.
  4. Not sure that's a pen lol, the young lad has done well since he came on though, same for Hall and the team.
  5. Looks better with Saki as the deep midfielder, for 20 seconds lol. Lopane been poor for me.
  6. I'm sure the surface isn't helping, it's weird if you have to go from grass to artificial. He should have scored, open goal. Yeah Hall isn't a fullback and it shows, out of position a lot.
  7. well that was a half of football, they looked better than us. Time for rockets.
  8. I think Tilio is still injured, should be back soon though, it'll probably be a month or 2 before he gets a chance if ever, we'll have to see what the coach does. I've just seen Abada is injured for up to 5 months, one of the players he would be competing against to play, it gives him more of a chance.
  9. I'm just happy football is starting up again, even if the cup is seen as a glorified pre-season. Our off season is to long.
  10. Agree, even Souprayen looks quite good, handy on the ball as well. Agree again, he's looking really good.
  11. Nice team goal that, Macca scores And another, nice strike from Macca.
  12. Such a good chance, Macca did really well there to pinch the ball and cut back These commentators have less life in them than my socks after a 12 hr shift.
  13. 1-0 up, nice goal from Ugarkivoc, but it will be given to Jakolis I think with the deflection.
  14. If we get flogged by Roar I'll be very worried, Mariners not so much. They look to have picked up where they left off and recruited well. They'll be our main competitors this season.
  15. Got me on that one, lol.
  16. Advanced hair, yeah, yeah!
  17. Ah ok, I don't think he fit in sadly for Galloway, he has the talent. Yeah, it's not just his pace but his reactions as well, he seems to like the longball frustratingly as well more than not. Forgot about Aziz, so we'll probably not see the Talbot Hall thing again, I expect will Aziz start.
  18. Forgot all about this game, I just watched the replay and this is my take in no particular order, just as my thoughts come to me. Nuno has really declined, which is disappointing and will be the whipping boy this season again. Hopefully Souprayen will fill that void. Lopane looks like a DM playing the 8, Ugarkovic looks like an 8 playing the 6 and they should switch, Ugarkovic was one of the better players in the match but made some pretty poor defending errors. Arslan looks great. Jacko looks ok, did some nice things but his teammates don't understand him yet and weren't there at times to take advantage, he also needs to get used to the physicality of the league. Hall and Talbot did alright, it may take a whole season to get them used to their new positions, Talbot probably quicker. Hall was alright, but no where going forward except for the second pen, that will be his biggest thing to learn if we are going to persist. I'm not against it, but I have to wonder about Galloway, is he not liked in the dressing room or something? Caputo looked ok and put himself about more than Macca, though those balls across the goal mouth would have been pounced on by Macca if he was still on the ground I feel. He had a bad miss, I reckon he was trying to curl it over the defenders leg, but didn't put any spin on the ball that he would have liked to make it dip enough, hitting it with the inside of his foot I'm sure that's what he was trying. Antonis looked good, would be a real game changer coming off the bench, able to play in the midfield or either wing, could be a good option to start but he had limited time. All our other players looked like they had just had 4 months off and pretty rusty, a bit more game time and they should be alright. We are still missing a creative force in the middle as good as Arslan looked, but he's not that type of player, could it be Ugarkovic or Antonis?
  19. The thing is that a club is much more than players, it's coaches, support staff, youth set up, travel expenses etc. A club like CCM couldn't invest in youth and play most of them because of the spend, they had to rely on sponsors and the good will of their owner, but that would have been gobbled up by other expenses, as the player wages took most of the TV money. Other clubs were paying over inflated wages to players just to pad out the spend, see Hoffman as an example when he was with us. It's also ironic that the minimal wage wasn't risen and stayed around 40k, they could have risen that and just let the market decide what to pay the other players. It's why we see the same journeymen in our league, clubs aren't encouraged to play youth or a NPL prospect because clubs don't want to spend overs on prospects to make the spend. It left clubs walking a tight rope just to survive and the goodwill of the owners.
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