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  1. Start is a mare, bit of bad luck in both, but we're looking a bit impotent going forward.
  2. moops

    Tom Glover

    Maybe being kept out of the national youth side after being a perennial shoe in, has woken him up a bit. Credit where credit is due though.
  3. moops

    Tom Glover

    Two very good keepers who definitely make a huge difference, probably the top two in the league.
  4. At the start of the WSW v Nix game.
  5. Yeah and I think the referee's, but I could be wrong about that.
  6. Alex Tobin medal winner, surprised, but delighted for him.
  7. Nabout has been looking pretty angry the past 5 games or so, but tonight he looked furious for some reason.
  8. A bit nervous there at the end, that's it though, top!
  9. Tards won, so we're in second, two points behind with a game in hand. Adelaide 2-1 half time.
  10. omg, well that's that then, I'm not shocked Giorgevski.
  11. I'd like to see Bos for Nabout and Gamulka for Griff, hopefully before the 90th.
  12. That was a good chance there, players look a bit flat.
  13. To think we let Delianov go for Glover.
  14. I just watched the game. I thought Macca when he had his first chance and was called offside was kept on by their leftback, it looked like it to me. Kisnorbo should have more faith in his players, because as a second string team that some have played barely any football, I thought they did well. Bos is looking like he could have some potential, I really like the look of him. The team had to much to do in the final game, if Glover could actually keep, it probably would have made the difference.
  15. Genreau will go up into league 1 next year, he's had a good season as well, played a lot of football to get them there.
  16. It was tongue in cheek, it's a bit hard to touch the ball in three minutes.
  17. This Italian guy didn't do much after coming on, no wonder he isn't getting game time. Disappointed.
  18. What's going on with Florin this season? He's one of our best players, really good to see. Crazy pen.
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