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  1. It's become pretty evident why Joyce was so hesitant to play him, despite his obvious talent.
  2. This all seems dodgy as hell. https://www.theage.com.au/politics/victoria/victorian-bar-slams-appalling-new-pandemic-laws-20211027-p593n8.html
  3. I've been guilty of falling for a highlights package before, but this bloke looks fuckin' slick.
  4. Probably just require a couple of depth signings now. A LB/CB and maybe another midfielder if we think there aren't any kids ready to play.
  5. He'll probably be great - we don't miss much these days.
  6. His Great Grandmother was born in Munich.
  7. I daresay the CFG would agree with your sentiment. What area of the pitch realistically needs strengthening? Maybe the middle of the park and a backup CB? Front third is stacked.
  8. Thought the same. Awesome to see a player in any professional team sport be so candid, and so giving of their time (yes, lockdown). We're lucky to have him.
  9. Agree with a lot of what you've said, but I think he'd be mad to not have another crack overseas. He probably won't get another chance while in his prime.
  10. That's the role A-League clubs should play though - they should be first and foremost a farm system for young Australian talent.
  11. I agree. Kids will be better for the experience too. Improve our top end talent and we'll be back next year.
  12. Yeah, I watched both televised games over the weekend. Impressive standard - I'll continue to follow it. Think I'll jump on Pohang.
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