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  1. Take that and run. Every club in the world would do that deal if they were in our position.
  2. I was a rusted on A-League fan (would watch 2 or 3 games a week), but now I only follow City from afar. My interest was already waning, but the move to Paramount has meant I only watch one or two games a season. My guess is there would be many like me, where Paramount has little to offer outside of the ALM, so it became a bridge too far to pay the subscription unless you're a diehard fan. Agree with the above - I'd probably re-engage if Optus had the rights.
  3. Very impressed with Ugarkovic. Think he's going to thrive in our system.
  4. He's a perfectly fine depth midfielder at A-League level.
  5. We aren't going to replace O'Neill's output with another Aussie player. I think Ugarkovic is about as good as we could hope for.
  6. Ugarkovic is very good, I'd be happy with him.
  7. Hey, Rado makes substitutions and isn't demonstrative on the sidelines! He's just what you all wanted! The Kinsnorbo hate was always well OTT; he's clearly not Pep Guardiola but he's a good manager at A-League level.
  8. Thanks Paddy K. City legend - hope he goes well.
  9. He's a striker, so I value putting it in the back of the net far more than anything else.
  10. Do we underappreciate this bloke? He's an absolute star.
  11. Silver lining from the pandemic is the remarkable job the science/medical industry has done in developing and distributing a safe vaccine in an astonishingly short time. Kudos.
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