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  1. boxing scoring is based on more than punches landed.
  2. maybe.... if the fight goes the distance i can see Mayweather winning I think Mayweather is actually the better fighter but Pacquiao @2.70 is decent value
  3. the blacker the berry album is quality, maybe a little over hyped though....
  4. Libero


    Apparently they couldn't afford to pay the electricity bill to open their stadium. Players have not been paid this season Club was sold for 1 euro might not be able to play vs Genoa because they cant afford a team bus They will play in the amateur leagues next season imo
  5. Serie B Crotone vs Bologna 22nd (last) vs 2nd Bologna @2.10
  6. so for the Final tonight, the half time lead and fail to win market looks interesting... South Korea @11.20 Aus @12.75
  7. Sardor Rashidov for Uzbekistan was class last night fwiw
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