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  1. Would you like to play against Barcelona. It sucks for our top players.
  2. The grand final will take place in Melbourne.
  3. I have never seen that anyone in the league played for a draw. This tactical mindset doesn't exist. Maybe this is one of the league positives.
  4. With no away goal rule, any close result is still good. I would not play Florin tomorrow. Give him Pucci status until the 2nd leg.
  5. This is all true and it's a pity for the supporters who cannot make it on Sunday. No time slot would put soccer in the pole position. Odd timing but not uncommon in our culture. 2pm is the popular spot in AFL and EPL. The league doesn't stop for international breaks. It's unlikely that they would accommodate for the community soccer.
  6. Based on the last goal, City's goal keeper coaching staff knew something about why Birighitti was on the bench.
  7. Sunday at 2pm. This will be challenging attendance. I hope the weather stays nice.
  8. Bos should replace Jamo. He offers more as he's the overlapping fullback. This is better for the team than just playing him as a winger, where we already play Leckie and Nabbout. Galloway should be on the other side. Captaincy band keeps Jamo in the starting team.
  9. The only possible treat to PK position is coming with this weekend matches. If WU wins that opens the door to possible semis matches where our squad quality only may not be enough. He could be outsmarted. Overall it's a just tiny possibility.
  10. What is the conclusion, so far. The first goal should have been disallowed as he crossed to no City player. Secondly, he should have been carded, as he targeted Nix player from the corner kick.
  11. One could say , just win every match and no worries. This draw sucks for us. If paper favourites and home teams go through, then we will play Adelaide.
  12. We should sign Piscopo. He would bolster midfield creativity.
  13. Bruno at his peak outscored Jmac. He also built up the play and assisted. Just don't let him shoot the penalty kick.
  14. Novillo got the red card after the first half whistle. That derailed us staying atop and the keeping the momentum in the play-offs. All this has been forgotten, he was highly wished back by the fans.
  15. We are underperforminng comparing to the last season. This is based on the unconvincing results against the top teams. However, if we look at the ladder and points, the whole situation is a bit controversial. We are exactly where we were last season. We even lost less games. The last season competition was (hopefully) the weakest ever due to Covid. And yet we just won Premiers by 2 points. But there was that undeniable feeling that we can't lose the race. We have weaker squad and the coach is facing better strategist. It's all very confusing.
  16. Football is number one sport over there it's what AFL is here, at least in Victoria. Fan-led review to be taken seriously requires that level of community engagement. It's not about active fans, it's about broad membership base breads and lives with the club. In those conditions the club has to very careful with the fundamental changes. How is all this comparable to the soccer and City. There are 3 to 7 thousands people attending the game. There are posters on this forum who don't go to the our games. This is where it starts. This is how you make the game influential in the community. Heart legacy is just exaggerated. It was short with no results and followed by only the bunch of people. I still remember the very first game. Those members are still with the club, quietly attending the games. Of course that the colour transition from red to blue was not dealt properly. There was no significant discount for members to exchange the old kits. This is why you see old red jerseys, even most people wear blue these days.
  17. Now is the time to attend the game and help City winning the plate. It should be better weather on Monday.
  18. The 2. Bundesliga will be like walking on the Moon, based on his display in international matches for Socceroos and City. There is a huge gap in standards between leagues. If he can success there and come back more years later, as Leckie, great.
  19. Sorry to state the obvious. It's an illusion and myth that we are just below Japan and Korea, superior to the rest of SE Asian countries.
  20. Grand final is not pointless. Ask yourself or any footy fan. Our club soccer is very much targeted only to local competition. The final is the only event which is covered by all media. International football is reserved for EPL and Socceroos. I will be still dreaming about seeing my City versus overseas club at the home venue.
  21. This early Asia exit changes the balance, doesn't it.
  22. No, it was very dramatic finish, with lot of emotions. All clean.
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