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  1. He’s been doing it for ages. It’s not the shouting from the sidelines that’s the problem, it’s what he says. He’s been saying the same idiotic stuff for years, my favourite is ‘small areas’ (7 times in a row) Not to mention how he screams at young Tilio at training.....fuck me, the kid won’t learn shit from this idiot. Also dragging players on a whim, he’s renowned for it, ask Idrus about the praccy against Victory earlier this year. Yells Italian insults thinking it makes him more exotic. The flog is clueless and his pressers are starting to become popcorn worthy.
  2. I’m glad you find it amusing, @Mr MO asked for it so I thought I’d deliver something. You owe me one in the future @Mr MO. Kisnorbo is a snake, if you know him and his wants, without stars in the eyes, then you’ll know that. I’m none of the things you say but know what I know very well. I’ll trot off. Hopefully next time I post both of them have got the ass.
  3. I’ve been trying to keep out of it...but fuck it. PK is known for ghosting so I wouldn’t be surprised. This piece of shit started the rot with his back stabbing when he took on a coaching role with the youth. Couldn’t coach then either, it’s lucky he had Palatsides kids otherwise he would’ve been stopped way back then. It’s also lucky he was Jess Fishlock’s assistant otherwise the women wouldn’t have won shit. The bloke has been rotting the club from the inside out for the chance to stand where he is right now. He was part of the clean out from behind closed doors after the JVS exit. I’ve been saying it for years and get mocked but I talk facts. He’s a buffoon who is tactically inept, and you know what? the players know it. He confuses the fuck out of them with his stupid instructions at the wrong time from the line, especially the kids. The adults think he’s a flog, regardless of what they say on camera. I wouldn’t be surprised if he’s been on the blower to fuckhead Joyce for a way out of it. If you think Ramy wants to come back while he’s there think again, he’s getting a game now, even in the shit we’re in he’d be nothing more than a benchwarmer. Petrillo is another one. Absolute garbage both of them.
  4. Mauk, Malik, Galloway, Kamau, Galekovic. And have a look at the youth, Stokes, Oliviera, Rodriguez, Gomulka. And these are only the ones Off the top of my head. Petrillo is a cancer.
  5. Hence the phone call celebration from the young Adelaide players after the second goal. When your Club and specifically Petrillo is getting mocked it shows you what we’re thought of.
  6. Add Dukuly, Najjarine, Najjar and even Ianucci at the ACL for Victory. Problem is they are treated like shit and can’t wait to get out.
  7. Also heard Najjar to Bulls on loan and Najjarine looking to get out.
  8. 😂😂😂 Wouldn’t waste my time. I know he’s a piece of shit, don’t need him to make me realise it.
  9. Hahahaha, I was waiting for it. Am I hoping for the side to fail.....absolutely not. Do I feel he’ll erode and disenfranchise it....absolutely.
  10. Don’t read it then. Simple as that. And if I had a kid that played he wouldn’t take shit from that dog, I guarantee you.
  11. This is an interesting article. And for those who don’t know, Mr Impellizzeri was once put forward to coach in some form at City. Guess who put his name in the hat?
  12. Not saying that. But both saw the game exactly the same way. They fed off each other, so there was never going to be friction. True love there.
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