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  1. Was great tonight !!! few big saves and commanded his area!!
  2. Just got home! how good was Tommy in goals tonight took an absolute peach to beat him but Griffiths and Tillio coming on changed the game Cola coming in helped immensely pressed and ran his guts out
  3. I read it as Jeff is a crap coach as Glover has plenty of talent but needs to be coached about positioning
  4. If we finish 2nd in the group do we go through to knockout stage ?
  5. Cabrera didn’t adjust to Australia from what I remember
  6. Nix win and we don’t lose tonight plates sewn up in my opinion
  7. Pulled off some huge saves last night more than capable keeper just needs to not have those brain farts!
  8. With the Good situation my only worry is about Good himself ie if he will now be a little pissed off with the club for denying him a Socceroos call up
  9. Will the Socceroos players be available ?
  10. Never had a bad word to say about the gaffer, but this half is 100% on him they’ve played us like this both times we’ve played them so what do we do play the exact same way and get spanked on the counter!
  11. Given a spell on the pine see if Sutton takes his chance
  12. I agree that pucci hasn’t been given enough of a go but in the 10 minutes of Endoh last night already feel he fits our press so much better than Pucci
  13. Today’s squad tells us everything we need to know mustn’t be rated and obviously hasn’t done enough to show he should be in the team!
  14. Hopefully start Tillio in midfield and cola on a wing
  15. How is it a clear dive when VAR looked to see if it was a Pen ?
  16. Can’t see it being Maeda only loaned to Celtic this transfer window And why would you forgo playing at Celtic to come to melbourne
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