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  1. The why would knights mention that he's his brother in the press release?
  2. His brother signs for knights.... Must have liked it down here if his brother came out
  3. The good old if they score 4 we score 5
  4. Nah can only do it till this window closes, can't sign anyone till new window
  5. City getting a 2 million fee so that might explain why
  6. They needed cover at LB and allows them to register him in their ACL squad as an Asian player from the comments on reddit
  7. Klopp is available.....
  8. Jordi Valadon came on for Victory... You may remember him as that random kid who played in the acl for city
  9. Signed for a French ligue 2 club https://ac-ajaccio.corsica/article--13002-fr.html
  10. Played this morning...but being a DM wouldn't expect many goals
  11. Jimmy jeggo according to the commentators tonight
  12. colakovski and david williams both scoring lovely goals for perth with willaims coming on for kamau lol
  13. Fake news according to Jamie
  14. They show the 3 or 5pm Sunday games already
  15. Buying him I assume as he's on loan with an option to buy
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