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  1. So bit late buying tickets for this, I'm taking a group of mates along with me so I can't get my ticket for the active bay and the Premium B seats are a bit pricey for the others. If I bought tickets in L3 18 will there be many other City fans in there too? Don't really want to be surrounded by the scum and feeling like I can't join in in the party songs when we score our 5th... Any help appreciated. Cheers!
  2. What that post was meant to say behind the horrendous typos is basically... Can I bring my mate along tonight and sit beside him in bay 19 beside the active sections (where my regular seat is) easily? And do I get a 10% discount from buying a ticket? Lastly, I'm sitting on the train to work with the songs rattling through my head. Am I a proper Melburnian yet?
  3. I want to bring you mayebalong tomorrow night. How do I go about getting ththe 10% off? Also, I we buy a time for bay 19 will I b easy enough for me to sit beside him? Going back the Perth attendance it should be a walk in the park obviously!
  4. I'm pretty surprised that this is considered expensive pricing. You are looking at $80 for the cheapest adult ticket in Scotland for a Cup Final. $40 for a regular home game. I'm also surprised a major final is played on a midweek when fans need to travel continental distances to attend. I for one cannot wait to get to the game and shout on the boys. I'll be trying to convince a few friends to come too. COYCB!
  5. Up to the 1st goal we were playing great stuff. After we took the lead the urgency dropped and we let them run at us. The created very little but we got a slice of luck. That's the sort of luck that wins cups! 2nd half we played much better and they grew tired and created nothing. A thoroughly shite game for Victory.
  6. Hapless performance last night. Created nothing and threw away even a point. Josh Rose needs to hang his head and cost us.
  7. Got the email. Absolute farce. I was already charged a fiver for the luxury. The email makes no effort to explain where the hell im meant to go to pick it up either. Where are their collection booths.
  8. The lads will be brimming with confidence. We should breeze past Perth and head for top of the table.
  9. $20 is a great price. Shame about the farcical Admin fee so I can click a link on my phone to get the ticket... Mon the City. We want 5.
  10. What a game and atmosphere. It's clear I made a wise choice.
  11. So we all off to Bev and Micks beforehand then!?
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