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  1. Getting dominated here. Glover is such a fucking liability. Even when he is playing 'well' you still know he has a mistake in him at any moment.
  2. When we lost him last season we went to shit. So important us
  3. I've had a fair few cracks at Glover in the past, but you're right he was very solid tonight, and made some great passes under pressure. That Brilliante save was excellent.
  4. Lecks was great tonight physically, won a ton of duels and had some great touches. Bos was fucking huge tonight, bullied Victory's geriatric, that run deserved a goal
  5. Amazing performance in that second half? Not really, but a fucking derby win is a derby win. And too be fair, if Macca and Tillo had their shooting boots on it should have been 3-4 nil in the end. So from that perspective the wasting of chances that plagued us last season is still there. Also still struggling to break down compact blocks, like WU put up last season. Hopefully as berisha works his way into the season, and Florin makes a return, we can crack them open with a bit of individual brilliance. Overall, pleased with the result, but the performance needs improvement.
  6. A league is back baby. Berisha looks like a gem. Cheeky F bomb in his first post match presser has him up there with the all time city/Heart greats in my mind hahaha. Happy with the first half and should have easily been up by 2 going into half time. Lost a bit of control in the 2nd half as fatigue set in, but WU was pretty trash. Bos was great, Leckie had some good moments, mixed with some garbage, which seems the usual. Talbot good as well, and surprised by Jamo and O'Neil together, pretty solid performance at the back. Shame about conceding so late, but I feel like we're only gonna get better as the feel team comes back into action. Just quietly, suck a fat one Aloisi.
  7. Just grabbed my tix. Pax at just over 18k. Hoping for 20k, but if not I feel like the atmosphere will be fucking huge regardless. Let's go boys!
  8. Tillo changed the game, great performance, and Leckie was absolutely massive today as well. Shoutout to Griffiths when he came on, felt like we regained control of the midfield. We really made use of our experience in ET, managed the game very well, while Adelaide lost it completely.
  9. Let's hope the quick turn around helps us out in ET. The Mac is back baby
  10. Not a single win from 10 games against victory, WU and Adelaide is unacceptable.
  11. They have bossed us around for the entire game, still look so flat. The ACL really fucked us
  12. A win was there tonight, but still pleased with that performance. Can't wait to get florin back, feels like he's the missing piece right now.
  13. Unclench. So relieved. Honestly feels like we won this in spite of PK and Glover. But fuck that, back to back premiers. We are the best. All the more sweet denying those fucking vuck scum.
  14. Hahaha exactly what I was thinking. GTFO of there glover!
  15. Embarrassing how badly PK can lose control of games
  16. Look at that Talay making tactical subs to change a game, who would have thought!
  17. Still frustrating up top, but I feel like if we keep creating the chances another will come. Not over yet by a long shot!
  18. TJV

    Tom Glover

    Dw I'm planning on going over the highlights of every match this season and totalling up all the errors he's made that have directly or indirectly cost us goals. Redmayne was bad no doubt, but he was never an error every two games bad. Hell, not even Bouzanis was this bad, and he was fucking bad. Tom Glover has to be one or the worst GKs in A league history in terms of error per game ratio. It's staggering, as you mentioned, with a title winning defence in front of him.
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