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  1. We really need a none of the above option.
  2. Especially as one or two of them don't get a game even when they are fit and we are short in their position (Chapman) or play in positions where our squad is over supplied (Retre). Our problems start with an unbalanced and poorly recruited squad, and we are starting to see the problems this causes.
  3. Best game for Kamau for months. But we look desperate at the back. Anyone know why the goal was disallowed? Offside? Correct?
  4. Three at the back again presumably, with Colazo playing left wing. No Fitzy and no back four, who the hell knows? Our selections make no sense.
  5. Anybody got the away kit at similar prices? Or is the red and white more popular, and hence not on sale?
  6. Fix his head and he'd be a hell of a footballer.
  7. Actually like the look of that. Not generally a fan of back three, but with those wing backs I'd be happier.
  8. If we're losing Chapman, and given our lack of real cover in defence, particularly central defence, I'd be wanting another decent central defender. Whether we need to use the visa spot for that, or whether we can use that for a no 10, I don't know. But if we can work this stuff out, you'd really hope the people paid to work this out can see it too...
  9. Classic British tactics! Big target man, small, nippy striker alongside, wingers on either side knocking crosses in. Jumpers for goalposts.
  10. Sorry, I should have made myself clearer! I'm with you, I'm very keen for those three stay! And to play as part of a back four...
  11. The facepalm moment for me was late in the second half, when Muscat (?) had made a good run with the ball to the edge of the box, then knocked it out to Bruce. When a really good cross into the box was needed, his cross was completely overhit and ended up going out on the far side with Brandan vainly chasing it. Kamau is a winger, and good crosses should be part of his toolkit.
  12. It's the recruitment of players that has left us with inadequate cover for injury in central defence, that has recruited players which we don't appear to want to pick, who aren't good enough when they are picked, which has left us short in defence but overloaded elsewhere on the pitch, and has left us vulnerable to the injury or suspension of key players. The coaching can be blamed for a lot including unfathomable selections and formations, inexplicable declines in form and so on, but not everything...
  13. Decent player being woefully misused and messed about. Stick him in as our regular left back, give him licence to overlap and then see how he does with am extended run in the side.
  14. Certainly not finished. We've certainly seen enough to know that there is talent in there somewhere. Trouble is it's not been apparent since he took that crack on the head. Time out to sort out as something is clearly not right at the moment.
  15. Part of our problem is the lack of a consistent defensive selection. Defences work as a unit, and need to be familiar with each other. In an ideal world, when fit, three of our best four defence pick themselves - Jakobsen, Tongyik and Franjic. Playing Colazo at LB would then for me be the best solution, though it does mean we lose him further forward, where IMHO we're picking Fitzy because Kamau is not at the races right now.
  16. Indeed. I suspect Chapman is on his way, and Sorensen may retire. We desperately need defensive reinforcements.
  17. No great hopes for this. Will depend on whether we have anything approximating to a defence, and whether we have a reaction from players and management to the recent result. We've also got to work out effective tactics against Perth. So all in all we're stuffed. Our plummet down the table continues.
  18. No surprise. Most of the problem was the formation not the players. Back three is a crap idea.
  19. Tongyik for us. Given a suicide pass of a job to do, but did a good job. Did a sound job in a patched up, under strength defence, looks good on the ball and useful at set pieces. Cracking young lad and a real find. Build central defence around him and Jakobsen, but for pity's sake find a third central defender who isn't always injured and/or crap, so that we've got some cover.
  20. My instinct during the game was that we did better in the second half, but got less out of it. Having said that, we were very lucky to be in contention after the first half.
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