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  1. Again, it doesn't have to be either/or. We don't know how things are in the dressing room, whether there are disruptive influences, difficult characters or blokes that just don't get on with each other. And this could then be exacerbated by management, team selection, tactics... But the little I know about sports psychology is that sides that are tight socially are also successful. And that poor results will quickly open small cracks into chasms.
  2. Agreed. It's a perfect storm. Unbalanced, poorly recruited squad, crap management, awful tactics, maybe wrong captain. Not one thing, lots of things. It isn't either or.
  3. Official forums for football clubs are almost oxymoronic. I've never seen one succeed. Successful forums are almost always independent.
  4. I'm of the view that as much of our problem is down to bad recruitment as poor management. Our squad is unbalanced, carries too many underperformers, and fails to work together on the pitch. So however good the individuals, the collective is a dog's breakfast. Top that off with woeful selections and wayward tactics and you get a season like this one. So Petrillo for me has to carry a lot of that. One Tongyik does not make up for all the calamities, both incoming and outgoing.
  5. Indeed. We can sign talented players now and still lose. Love that progress thing.
  6. Of those, I'm happy to keep Franjic, Jakobsen and Tongyik. Franjic is good enough at this level, and we have excellent young cover with Pierias. Jakobsen is very good but clearly injury prone. We need another no nonsense central defender who can lead the line when he's not fit, and to play alongside him when he is. Tongyik can then play alongside either when needed and continue his development. Then at risk of sounding like a cracked record, because this was my line through most of the last close season, we need a decent left back (though for pity's sake we've got rid of a few who could surely have done a job for us). Right now we should be playing Colazo there because that's where we need him. Rose, Muscat and Malik are all for me just not good enough. Malik ought to be but he has only the occasional good game and is too often a liability (vide his awful tackle on Krishna last week, which should have been a red). Rose should just depart at the end of his contract and we need to try and move Muscat and Malik on.
  7. And blame whoever is responsible for recruiting such a thin and frail defensive line. Problems started in the close season. We're overloaded in some areas and desperately weak elsewhere.
  8. Agreed with that. We've looked the better team for much of the match.
  9. Why have you been so awful to watch for half the season? How good are the kids?
  10. Moreover, take it from a migrant British fan, this stuff about refusing loanees the right to play against their parent club in cup competitions is pretty much standard custom and practice and has been for years. British fans are just used to it.
  11. Just being hypothetical, but if first to fourth is Sydney, Victory, us and Roar, and in the semis we beat Victory and Roar beat Sydney, would we then get a home final at AAMI? And if so, unlikely but not impossible? And yes, getting way ahead of ourselves...
  12. Good summary of where my thoughts are too BT. It still does mean we've got to up our game over where we've been through the middle of the season, but I sense we're moving in the right direction.
  13. As entertainment, not a patch on last week, but you can't argue with the result. Malik's a bloody liability and Brattan is a waste of a starting place. We're horribly lightweight in central defence particularly with Jakobsen out. But I fancy we have a chance against Sydney. They are not that good, especially against us, and losing may have burst their bubble.
  14. One or more of our current crop of kids will make it big in Europe and/or as Socceroos. I have a feeling we are lucky to be watching a golden generation coming through.
  15. As a supporter I take exception to being ticked off for just looking at the result. No, I watch the performance and too many have been bloody awful. Last weekend was an exception. Bloody well work out why. It isn't difficult.
  16. Very true. Caceres was mugged. Foxtel commentary called it as a clear penalty, and looked like it to me in real time at the ground too.
  17. Born and bred in Walsall johnno! Most of my football has been following my home town club, and only came out here five years ago. As I wrote in the fanzine, you don't follow a team like Walsall for the glory, but you do it for the young talent you see come through and succeed (current Premiership players that came through us include Scott Dann and Troy Deeney).
  18. There was more in the penalty we were given than the one we conceded, albeit it was still pretty soft. The one given against us was beyond soft, past laughable and into culpable.
  19. Agreed, Rose had a sound game. Fitzy had a fabulous one. And it was great to have Sorensen back.
  20. On this showing, I'd be building our future around the best of these youngsters. Bring in some talent and experience from outside, sure, but build on the talent and enthusiasm that's there already. I'd rather watch that every week and finish mid-table than watch the bloodless dross we've too often had to put up with this season.
  21. Was Pierias the number 36? Had a fabulous game. Where have they been hiding him?
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