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  1. And the question is, which of these would we have back in a heartbeat, given the opportunity? Not out of sentiment but because they would improve the squad? And Mooy is a given. I'd certainly look at Velaphi and Behich. Who else?
  2. Just sign us a couple of competent defenders and all will be good. Then we'll have strength in depth everywhere, competition for places, a good spine of strong, committed professionals, and a squad which all told ought to be good enough to win the league this time around.
  3. Smells like some sort of success to me. Nearly bigger than the big blue. Still the noisy neighbours and wanderers to catch...
  4. When I was in grade 11, it was 1983. I'm not sure I can remember back that far. Well it'll be good for the club to have a coach. I gather the assembled wisdom was that we needed one.
  5. Yes, I think I got that bit. It was the reference to the omnivorous quadruped that threw me, m'lud.
  6. Thank you. The older I get, the more I feel like the elderly judge who had to be told who and what the Beatles were...
  7. I think it must be my age. I have to accept there are posts on here I just don't understand...
  8. In many ways a shame that a club that has been so strong is in such a mess. No fun winning a league without competition. Is there a link to these membership numbers, as I'm geeky enough to be fascinated by how our numbers compare with other clubs?
  9. He'd make a better job of it than the present incumbent, though you could say the same of a slightly wilted cabbage.
  10. Call me obvious, but I've put this one on mine.
  11. If it wasn't for bad luck, he'd have no luck at all... Poor sod, hope he's fit soon.
  12. Off topic, but running with the musical theme, does anyone know what happened / is happening to the new club song which was road tested in market research from the official forum site? I liked it, and it definitely sounded better than the awful dirge they currently use.
  13. Sausage withdrawal. Far too much information.
  14. This. Youth has value when transfer fees are applied. In the UK, which I only use as an example because its the only other context I know, young players even command a fee if they are out of contract, to recompense a club for the costs of development. This gives clubs am economic as well as a tactical reason for investing in youth development.
  15. And possibly undercooked sausages...
  16. And some just do better in a different team. Different tactics, different formation, new team mates, new start in a new atmosphere. Every year clubs sign players who were mediocre or unknown elsewhere, or who have had a bad run of form. And many of them come good. This guy can be excellent, and maybe all he needs is a change of scenery to recover that?
  17. Two reasons for me to be pleased, and the other one is 'Jackson', playing for my home town club, Walsall, in League 1. Makes team of the week and isn't even playing in the Championship...
  18. Could be a classic big man quick man situation. In from the wings, Cahill gets it in the air or Bruno gets it on the ground. And let's not forget both are instinctive goal poachers. I think it could work.
  19. I think we're going to need a bigger sausage stand...
  20. I can't believe that CFG are going to leave us as weak in defence as we are right now. We can barely put a functioning defence together and our squad is minus numbers, marquees and visas. Losing 6-3 every week may be compelling TV but it won't make me want to renew our memberships.
  21. Indeed, never underestimate an apparently lesser opponent in a cup competition. Every league club in the UK has experience of going out to lower league or non-league adversaries, and every smaller club retells for generations it's giant killing victories over bigger clubs, and even the near misses. Floreat will want to win tonight and they will be up for it. We will need to be up for it too.
  22. I'm hoping he'll be the star we can build the team around, and he stays for several years. He's happy, it seems his family are happy, he likes it here, and it seems ihe's playing the best football of his career.
  23. Let's face it, it could be household name has beens like Leeds or Notts Forest and it would still raise interest. Our pre-season may prove to have been worthy but it's hardly grabbed the headlines. And yes, we do need to woo Geelong. We can't leave the entire place to Victory...
  24. That's the logic of it. Be good to know sooner rather than later...
  25. We have enough midfielders already. I'm just ignoring any rumours that don't involve decent defenders in the hope that said rumours will just go away. That's bound to work.
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