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  1. Positives:

    - Terry Antonis

    - We drew the second half

    - We've got some decent players back from injury

    - Victory lost


    - Our defence is a basket case

    - Arslan out for weeks

    - The rebuild was supposed to be this season, but it's been deferred until at least next season

    - We're going to lose some players we have loved

    - We're struggling to make the six

    - Next up is the Derby

    - There's something horribly wrong somewhere

  2. 7 minutes ago, belaguttman said:

    We.            Are.                     So.                                         Slow.

    With the ball and without it. We can’t keep the ball or pass the ball, even if we could pass it, nobody seems to know where to pass, where to run. This is a coaching issue.

    Arslan has likely been papering over the cracks. By far our best and most consistent player this season. Now we've lost him the wheels have absolutely come off.

  3. Two things can be true at the same time. Mustafa Amini is an evil little troll who does this every match and usually gets away with it. Referees need to get wiser and punish players like him. And also Arslan should know better and not react in such a way that we lose him for a month or more. He's arguably our best player and certainly the creative pivot of our midfield. He has badly damaged us in an already trying season.

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  4. 2 minutes ago, moops said:

    Brilliant for us, he has looked sharp in his cameo's for the socceroos.

    He'll be hungry and up for it. On his own he could turn Macca's form around as well.

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  5. 39 minutes ago, belaguttman said:

    The quality that's really lacking on the pitch is on-field leadership. I don't expect that to be addressed with Tilio or Jeggo, so Sahki's visa replacement is a crucial signing for a better second half of the season.

    Whatever the weakness, I suspect we address that at the end of season and not now. Reasoning is this. Behich is at present planning to come back next season, so any cover for him is likely to be a loan. No loanee is going to walk into an established dressing room and be, or be expected to be, the leader in the room or on the pitch. They can provide experience and attitude, but they won't be captain or the informal leader of the group. And I doubt we've got cap space for a permanent signing of a really big fish.

  6. I suspect we also don't know how long this has been in the works with Behich. There will be lots of irons in the fire this time of year, and Behich going may just have been one piece in a complex jigsaw that allows other stuff to happen. I'd rather be optimistic as it's better than being miserable, and there's enough in the world to be stressed about already.

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  7. The financial logic is that CFG have set us up to deliver a return on investment at least enough to justify their investment in the club. So like any small but well run club we develop and sell on to generate revenue. Tilio, O'Neill, Bos etc are all proof of that strategy. The fee for loaning Aziz is bigger than the sale of each of those players, and yet we retain his registration. However tough for us as fans to lose him it's a no brainer in business terms, especially given the financial strife the ALM is in. And we may well have been stiffed over Sakhi as well. So no issues. Not happy to lose him, but understand.

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