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  1. Arbroath is a great away trip. The Scotch pie’s keep you warm.
  2. Best result would be to get Wellington again. Adelaide and Central Coast are both in good form.
  3. He is back-up but has potential and must continue to get game time in order to develop. I thought he completely disappeared 2nd half, but then he wasn't the only one.
  4. Under normal circumstances, going through the group stage undefeated would have pleased supporters and obviously taken us through. The club will spin that and say we mixed it with the best/competed and represented Australia/City Group etc. Reality is we had the easiest draw we could hope for and won’t be that lucky again. It’s pretty underwhelming and I think we can all see the trail of errors that led to this point. TLDR: Glad we competed in Asia, should have done better. …….time to move on.
  5. Agree with @jw1739's point above. I would much prefer as many people as possible get vaccinated, however there has to be some freedom of choice. What we need to avoid is that vaccinated people being held back until a magical threshold is hit ("held hostage"). I don't think governments need to aim for 70%, 80%, 90% etc. targets. Instead, just make sure that everyone who wants to have it has had good opportunity to. After that, as much freedom as possible should be available to those who are vaccinated. It's likely that the % will be pretty high anyway. It may well be that those who have chosen not to get a vaccine can't enjoy all aspects of life - if employers or private businesses or AAMI Park choose to serve only, or employ only vaccinated people. But at least it will be informed choice. I think a sticking point will be public transport. I need to use it if i am to return to office work in the city, but don't those concerned about COVID should have to be crammed in with people who have made a conscious choice to remain unvaccinated. I can imagine calls for separate vaccinated and unvaccinated carriages......but it screams of segregation and i'm not sure where society ends up if we start to go down that way. (I make a distinction between public transport and things like restaurants or AAMI park because public transport is a necessity for many whereas entertainment is discretionary.)
  6. One of the things i found really interesting in the game was the contrasting approaches of 4-3-3 against 4-4-2. With 3 central midfielders we were making interceptions and forcing turnovers (largely controlling the centre of the park), but Colakovski was always outnumbered and our attacking mids were struggling to get around him and link up. On the other hand, our defensive block meant that they couldn't really play through the middle (the obvious exception being their goal). The strength of their 4-4-2 was that it became a 2-4-4 with the ball and they were showing some good signs of switching the play via Brattan to an open and advanced attacker. Tilio and Atkinson were giving their fullbacks (Retre and King) the space to receive this pass and i thought they were beginning to look dangerous especially down our left their right (Retre/Barbarouses). This was especially true when La Fondre made his runs into the channels pulling our central defence around. The red card completely changed this as they no longer had the width to peg us back. I was a bit surprised Corica didn't go 3-4-2 as that would have been the more attacking response to going a man down. It would have left them open but would also have restricted our space. I think 4-4-2 has largely disappeared from international and domestic football but i still think Sydney on their day execute it pretty well and demonstrate its strengths. Contrasting styles between two well drilled teams make for a more interesting game and as such i think the first 35 minutes were really enthralling.
  7. I still wouldn't. I think his presence is a barrier to finding someone better. I don't mind him, I think if he'd scored goals early in his City career he could be on 10-20 by now, but he didn't and he isn't. Having him in the squad prevents the emergence of a youth player or a better visa.
  8. Should keep playing Tilio as a starter almost irrespective of what the other options are. He's a raw talent, full of potential and exciting to watch. We, and the A-league need that. You want the club and its supporter base to grow, then players like him, Atkinson and Metcalfe are the foundation. In my opinion, club should have a separate target for producing socceroos. Something like: 5 socceroos this decade.
  9. The fancy turnover in midfield screamed of frustration and carelessness about having a penalty turned down. He doesn’t do that if he gets the decision minutes earlier.
  10. I’m certainly no Victory fan, but I feel a bit sorry for Kamsoba tonight. I don’t think there was dangerous intent in either of his yellows. The ref got talked into the first yellow by his 4th official and the second probably wouldn’t have been given if Retre gets up straight away. Either or both could have been a word from the ref to calm it down, nothing more. I’m normally not critical of A-league refs but I’d say that was a very poor performance. I’d be fuming if that happened against City. I’d also expect that to be the very final nail in Kamsoba’s professional career.
  11. @jw1739 i have no idea the terms of reference of the security staff. But i think it's a very fair assumption that if they had failed to enforce rules set out for them, leading to an alleged assault within Parliament House, then they would be facing serious repercussions. I haven't heard any talk of them being professionally at fault, only that it fails the "pub test".
  12. @jw1739 then the rule should be: 'no entry without parliamentary identity tags' OR it should be, 'no entry unless you are below 0.05 on the breathalyzer' OR it should be, 'no entry after 8pm'. AND probably it should be all of the above. Clearly all of these things are currently allowed. The security company do not write the rules, they are hired to enforce rules already in place by their employer - the Parliament of Australia. Otherwise, what you appear to be asking is that the security firm become the adjudicators of what is appropriate workplace entry, behavior, working hours, attire and business. My point is simple: make clear rules and the contracted security will enforce them. Do not ask people on <$100k/annum to be the judge and jury on how, when and why 'important' people on $100k + / $200+ / $300k + can enter their place of work.
  13. Sorry @jw1739 but I completely disagree. They are Parliament House security, not the MP/Senator/political staffs’ babysitters. They have no role in policing who goes in and out of offices and in what state. If the staff have the correct credentials and all hours access is allowed, then it is absolutely not the security’s role to stop them - it would create a huge number of grey areas. For example how drunk would Barnaby Joyce have to be before he was banned from getting into his office? How married would he have to be before he is prohibited from sneaking around with his press secretary. Plenty of MPs/Senators/lobbyists/staff work late at night, drink in that building, party and do everything else in that building. If you think that should change it is up to the parliament (and their HR staff) to set the rules. Not a hired security firm. Additional edit: But yes, I do agree that all of the issues coming to light strongly suggest that Parliament House culture needs to seriously change.
  14. @jw1739 your personal experience of them recently sounds terrible. Can’t argue with that. AusPost are meant to operate ‘commercially’. Maybe it shouldn’t, but then we’d still all pay for the increased service you require but through taxes. I don’t disagree with you entirely. I think health and education, fire, police etc. are all public goods. Not sure on utilities. I work in the electricity sector where there is a range of government owned businesses competing with private, internationally owned companies. Not sure re-nationalising utilities is the answer but I can fully understand why people don’t think they get value for money.
  15. In short my view is yes. Mail delivery volumes are down. Australia Post won’t turn a profit delivering 5 days a week unless they increase the price of delivery for all of us. In response to my post a few days ago, there were sensible and valid responses to it. I don’t necessarily agree but they were well argued and diversity of opinions is what makes life interesting after all. I note that tonight the Australian is reporting that the head hunter fees to replace the CEO could be $500k. Or about 100 Cartier watches. Confirms that this episode has been a big waste of time and money for everyone. Guess the next CEO won’t make the same mistake though.
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