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  1. "He scores in World Cups, He scores in World Cups, Mathew Leckie, He scores in World Cups"
  2. I have been a critic, but Jamo played well last night at centre back. I will worry if he’s there when we face more physically imposing forwards - I hope this isn’t a regular plan.
  3. I agree, Glover deserves a fair bit of positive recognition for last night. I have justifiably criticised him but I think he won us that game with 3 big stops when needed. We know how difficult it is when Western get ahead. Passing was sharper than last year with more willingness to go forward. Berisha looks good. Made some positive runs that weren’t picked up by team mates. Hope we can lift our game to get on his wavelength as he will do damage if we move the ball to him quickly. Forward line still a bit frustrating but Maclaren more involved that last year against WUFC. Lam at the back was passing to his feet and using him to link up, something that we have always failed to manage. Positive signs though I think the league will be much stronger this year.
  4. I think most would agree that Erick Mombaerts left the club in a very healthy position: strong player list, good style, mentality and results. We finished second that year and lost a grand final. The next year under PK we went one better but arguably the league and Sydney were not as strong (so difficult to judge if we actually improved). My question (particularly for those who think PK is doing a good job) is what are the things that have improved under PK, from where Mombaerts left us? Can you point to anything tangible in player list, style, tactics, decision making, individual performance, game managment?
  5. Conceded two goals to a team that had one shot on target!
  6. On having a plan, one (of several) issues, is that our plan has just become too predictable. It’s all well and good playing possession based football, but we NEVER move the ball quickly. We ALWAYS give the opposition time to get back in numbers. I particularly noticed last night that when Leckie was in possession, Jamieson always went inside him which seemed to choke up the middle. He never overlapped on the outside to add width. I just think we played into Western United’s approach far too much and once they got ahead it wasn’t really in doubt. I think Western deserve significant credit, but we were not a champion side last night. There isn’t tactical flexibility or innovation and I don’t think that PK is the person who is going to be able to provide that. I actually worry for creative players coming to City because I think ‘our plan’ seems to stifle their creativity.
  7. Arbroath is a great away trip. The Scotch pie’s keep you warm.
  8. Best result would be to get Wellington again. Adelaide and Central Coast are both in good form.
  9. He is back-up but has potential and must continue to get game time in order to develop. I thought he completely disappeared 2nd half, but then he wasn't the only one.
  10. Under normal circumstances, going through the group stage undefeated would have pleased supporters and obviously taken us through. The club will spin that and say we mixed it with the best/competed and represented Australia/City Group etc. Reality is we had the easiest draw we could hope for and won’t be that lucky again. It’s pretty underwhelming and I think we can all see the trail of errors that led to this point. TLDR: Glad we competed in Asia, should have done better. …….time to move on.
  11. Agree with @jw1739's point above. I would much prefer as many people as possible get vaccinated, however there has to be some freedom of choice. What we need to avoid is that vaccinated people being held back until a magical threshold is hit ("held hostage"). I don't think governments need to aim for 70%, 80%, 90% etc. targets. Instead, just make sure that everyone who wants to have it has had good opportunity to. After that, as much freedom as possible should be available to those who are vaccinated. It's likely that the % will be pretty high anyway. It may well be that those who have chosen not to get a vaccine can't enjoy all aspects of life - if employers or private businesses or AAMI Park choose to serve only, or employ only vaccinated people. But at least it will be informed choice. I think a sticking point will be public transport. I need to use it if i am to return to office work in the city, but don't those concerned about COVID should have to be crammed in with people who have made a conscious choice to remain unvaccinated. I can imagine calls for separate vaccinated and unvaccinated carriages......but it screams of segregation and i'm not sure where society ends up if we start to go down that way. (I make a distinction between public transport and things like restaurants or AAMI park because public transport is a necessity for many whereas entertainment is discretionary.)
  12. One of the things i found really interesting in the game was the contrasting approaches of 4-3-3 against 4-4-2. With 3 central midfielders we were making interceptions and forcing turnovers (largely controlling the centre of the park), but Colakovski was always outnumbered and our attacking mids were struggling to get around him and link up. On the other hand, our defensive block meant that they couldn't really play through the middle (the obvious exception being their goal). The strength of their 4-4-2 was that it became a 2-4-4 with the ball and they were showing some good signs of switching the play via Brattan to an open and advanced attacker. Tilio and Atkinson were giving their fullbacks (Retre and King) the space to receive this pass and i thought they were beginning to look dangerous especially down our left their right (Retre/Barbarouses). This was especially true when La Fondre made his runs into the channels pulling our central defence around. The red card completely changed this as they no longer had the width to peg us back. I was a bit surprised Corica didn't go 3-4-2 as that would have been the more attacking response to going a man down. It would have left them open but would also have restricted our space. I think 4-4-2 has largely disappeared from international and domestic football but i still think Sydney on their day execute it pretty well and demonstrate its strengths. Contrasting styles between two well drilled teams make for a more interesting game and as such i think the first 35 minutes were really enthralling.
  13. I still wouldn't. I think his presence is a barrier to finding someone better. I don't mind him, I think if he'd scored goals early in his City career he could be on 10-20 by now, but he didn't and he isn't. Having him in the squad prevents the emergence of a youth player or a better visa.
  14. Should keep playing Tilio as a starter almost irrespective of what the other options are. He's a raw talent, full of potential and exciting to watch. We, and the A-league need that. You want the club and its supporter base to grow, then players like him, Atkinson and Metcalfe are the foundation. In my opinion, club should have a separate target for producing socceroos. Something like: 5 socceroos this decade.
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