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  1. Just got a tocket in Bay 16, excited for the game now. Think we are a big chance but will be tight.
  2. Active is flaming bin fire across the league and a non stop cringe fest. I'm actually glad it's dying. Most of these flogs don't even like football, just there to play tough ultra in their stone island. Let them fuck off and cause trouble elsewhere.
  3. Great win for the girls up in Brisbane, a come from behind victory in a very entertaining match. An inspirational performance from Melissa Barbieri who kept us in the match with some incredible saves.
  4. Tough match this arvo against Sydney, if we take our chances I thik we can get it done.
  5. They actually launched some decent attacks, but they are a young side and maybe lacking a bit of fitness. still, another solid showing from our side.
  6. Defence looks like it will be stronger, and some good players up front too.
  7. Best news is Stotty has recovered from cancer and is back at the club this upcoming season. A seasoned defender was sorely lacking last season.
  8. Finally another win, from a bit of a lucky goal. Have struggled to score this season.
  9. Wade Dekker, Ross Archibald and James Brown all scored goals in NPL Vic over the past weekend.
  10. Former women’s team stalwart and club legend Rebekah Stott has announced via social media that she has been diagnosed with stage 3 hodgkin's lymphoma. Considering the grit and determination she always showed in a city shirt I am sure she will win the battle, however I suggest going to her twitter or insta to leave a message of support.
  11. Supposedly some sort of announcement this week. Can see it being a very youth oriented squad.
  12. I agree, Kim opened the scoring with an absolute stunner, beautiful volley.
  13. Currently watching Steph Catley make her debut for Arsenal. Kim Little still in the gunners side. They are up against Reading, who have a certain Goatlock in their side this year.
  14. luka74

    Rebekah Stott

    Has been announced as leaving the club. Which is a bummer, record amount of games, part of all six trophies and probably one of the best defenders the league has seen. Certainly one of the most underrated. Off to the UK I think, so good luck Stotty for whatever is next.
  15. Another premiership/championship double for the invincible ladies.
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