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  1. Souprayen and Good are not good enough to play sexy passing football
  2. How good was Bos. Credit to the academy system, firmly in the starting 11 now, any other club Galloway wouldn't be sitting on the bench.
  3. Pumped! My first time in long time going solo to a match, but in active so it should be a blast. Last time I did that we got pumped 4 nil Cup final in Adelaide 😅. This time hopefully different, predicting 2-1 win, Valon Berisha BOG, atmosphere to be electric
  4. Expert finish from Cola, nice long cross field ball from Griffiths. Maybe im wrong but the rest of the players didn't seem to enthusiastic about the goal. Asian Champions League, get hyped!
  5. reactive defending from a corner costs us the goal. decent looking crowd though, free tickets clearly the way of the future
  6. Yeah, never been a huge fan of the sash though understand I'm in the minority on that one. We only wore it on the odd occasion for what 2 seasons? Either way the current one is a horrible design though. Shouldn't be hard. Sky blue, white and red. Sky blue home, red and white stripes away
  7. C. Should be our standard away kit and what we also wear for 1-2 home games per year. White socks, red and white hoop socks. Ditch the stupid ocean green we wearing now and the sash which looks more like tread marks. Option C will bring the fans back. Bookmark it.
  8. Oh boy what a sweet win at the death. Not playing great, but still getting the 3 points. Sign of a very good team
  9. Bit harsh. Had about a second to react and got across to get a palm on it, defenders were just second to react. Another 2 points squandered though.
  10. Can we go on and win it now. Or will we cough up another lead...
  11. Metcalfe, Leckie, Nabbout. Class acts, nice goal
  12. Surely he is going to be picked to play for the Socceroos WC qualifiers in Kuwait, scheduled for 3-15 June. Presumably the national team trains at least a week beforehand, with COVID and quarantine requirements in Kuwait and Australia, that means he leaves in mid-May at the latest. So we lose our best player for the last few games of the season, and the finals. This could seriously cost us two trophies 😌
  13. Last fifteen minutes was the football equivalent of very good sex. Shelling peas from every direction. Jamie Maclaren becomes the highest-scoring player in Melbourne Derby fixture. Go City
  14. I think we can all agree that Florin's best performances for us came in the back half of last season, maybe we wait at least the first match of the new season before we go back to whipping him? If he's not fit he shouldn't be playing but surely our medical staff wouldn't allow that to happen. On the match (and the season at large i suppose), let's hope we get off to a bright start. Looking forward to see what Tsubaki can produce, can O'Neill have more of an impact than Brillante did as a central midfielder, can JMac pick up where he left off and will Metcalfe seize his spot as a starting player?
  15. Yep my feeling too. Reading the SMH/Age article about the move, it's clear the Team 11 and City of Dandenong people still harbour ambitions of a boutique 15k stadium in Dandenong. Will that end up being our future home? Interesting times ahead...
  16. If the club is serious about having a geographical region to call home (ala Western Sydney Wanderers), then training in Casey and playing women's matches in Dandenong won't do it. Ultimately where the men's team plays its home games week in week out will be what matters. The club has to decide what it wants to be. Play home games in the city and collect a smattering of fans from across metro Melbourne? Or bite the bullet and move to a purpose built boutique stadium next to Dandenong Station and build a fan base out of a growing region of SE Melbourne, which risks permanently losing the support of many existing fans who live in the North and West?
  17. Yes I've heard the same thing about the Matildas. Hasn't the Vic Govt bid for a Matildas specific facility? I suppose they don't have to build anything now, as by 2022 there will be a world class facility just sitting dormant in Bundoora. Its not too small at all though, frankly only the Wanderers facility competes with ours, and all the other clubs manage to have men's, women's and NPL teams operating out of smaller facilities.
  18. It seems frankly ridiculous to build a 15 million dollar, top notch facility in Bundoora, only to pull up sticks and move to Casey barely five years later. However if what the club says about the majority of our members coming from the south east is true then I suppose its a justifiable decision, given the region is growing in population. So long as the men's team continue to play home games at AAMI our fan base shouldn't shrink. The big question for me: is this news the harbinger of building a boutique stadium in Dandenong in a few years, that will become the home stadium of all our teams? And would that diminish or grow our support base?
  19. Hmm thats pretty vague. There was that one incident police were called to his place, which tbf is a serious matter, but to be even fairer nothing ever came of it. A mature club should be able to handle diverse personalities. If he agrees to do the work and keep his nose out of any serious trouble, I'd have him as a marquee signing.
  20. Speaking of quality attacking wingers Novillo doesn't have a club right now. Only 28, last got game time for Montreal, and clearly enjoyed playing for us. Frankly, what's stopping us?!
  21. A baffling and disappointing move. Quick player who moved the ball well and was a pivotal link in the posession chain. Unfortunately in these COVID times I can't see a better player signed to replace him, expect Galloway to upgrade to starting player in that spot. Yeah even more strange. What the hell is he doing saying something like that when he obviously has known for a while he's moving clubs?
  22. Highlight: Flying to Adelaide for the Cup final on a whim and being welcomed by a great bunch of people at the pub and the ground. Lowlight: Flying to Adelaide for the Cup final on a whim and seeing us get smacked 4 nil. Can't wait for next season!
  23. Well that hurts a lot. To be fair though we didn't capitulate. We didn't get smashed in a big game like we have before. We ran it out to the end, kept them honest and put up with some bullshit sydney-centric decisions. We have made massive strides, have a genuine group of young and established talent and a bright future. The wheel almost turned tonight. As shattering as it feels, I'm confident it will turn next season.
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